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Collecting parts for DIY all terrain eboard


Hello, Guys!

I’ve never ridden a skateboard. But recently I saw on YouTube electric skateboard that can go everywhere - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLwoBd1ugJ4. I think this is the best way of transportation for me. I wanted to make the same, because the finished model to expensive for me.

Could you please help me?

I understand how the electronics wokrs. It remains only to pick up the main parts - the truck and wheels. In my country, nothing like that is able for sale, so I have to rely only on ebay.com.

Tell me, please, is these wheels - http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-TIRES-10-NEW-STEEL-AIR-PNEUMATIC-HAND-TRUCK-DOLLY-WAGON-WHEEL-/221312500607?hash=item338740c37f:g:YQQAAOxy4t1SfAaN

suitable for this truck - http://www.ebay.com/itm/800-Watt-All-Terrain-Electric-Skateboard-Complete-Front-Torsion-Truck-Assembly-/111409699197?hash=item19f089197d:m:moRNZDPI6udojUBS3dZ5_kg


Those wheels are too big. Go with some mtx board wheels that will fit on your truck properly.


@amo_skater @lowGuido is right, those wheels are much bigger than any of the DIY AT setups I’ve seen. Check out the MBS Rockstars and surfrods or trampa trucks.

better yet…

@psychotiller sells an awesome set of custom 6" wheels. If I were going to build an AT, that would be my personal choice.


Hey im in the possess of building a large off road board. I have been working on it for awhile but i should be done in the next few of days. I will hopefully make a post about it in the next few weeks. I have had a few short rides on grass and gravel and its amazing!

I used the mountainboard blew as my base.

I find its also quite easy to ride then a normal skateboard board

There are also a few other advantages of using it but i will try going into a lot more detail in the future post.

Anyway good luck :smile: