[CLOSED] DAVEga first batch (beta testing)


Have not gotten it yet.


I’m US and haven’t received my package yet. My screens from Ali hasn’t came in yet either.


US and nothing here either. I will keep you posted.


Bummer! I will let you know.


Thanks everyone for getting back. It’s unlikely that all packages got lost. No packages have been lost previously. It’s reasonable to assume they just got delayed this time, which make sense since it’s a busy period for carriers. Please be patient.


Israel, I’m still waiting too. In general, standard shipping here takes around three weeks.


one of my parcels is stuck somewhere in france already 4 weeks and was on the way to US too.
Could really be that they just slowly because of the busy time at the moment.


Mine just arrived! I’ll start working on enclosure designs tomorrow.


I got my screen. Still no DAVEga


That’s funny, I just got my screen too!


I ordered my screen a day or two within when I said I’d do beta testing. Dunno when exactly that was, too lazy to look. I got an email today that my screens arrived at my local post office. Does that count for something? lol

I’m not too worried about my package getting here super fast. I’m still waiting on my last few pieces of my build and my Unity. So who knows when I can actually test it. I’m really hoping before the end of the year. If Dave comes within the week, it’ll be the first section of my board I can fully assemble even though it was the last thing on my list to have added.

Edit: Screen came today, whoops.


Just received it today. Thank you :slight_smile:


Well, I sure screwed this one up…
I got a hold of a screen from a guy here who didn’t need it, turns out it was the wrong one. At least it was free…
I’ve yet to find the correct one in any stores here so does anyone have a spare they’d be willing to part with? I’ll happily pay express shipping, it beats having to wait a month and a half for it to arrive from China.


That one unfortunately won’t work. Maybe if you built an adapter for it, you could get the picture on screen, but it would be trimmed since it has a lower resolution than the correct display.


I have one spare, but shipping from Russia will be not fast too I guess


Look what just arrived!!!


Nice man, still waiting for mine haha. This is such a cool device.

Hopefully didn’t get lost


Finally finished my assembly. The display works just fine. Now I need a VESC to try it out :slight_smile:


I got my kit today in the mail. I will be assembling it in the next few days. It would be sooner but seeing as I don’t have a case or even my unity, I’m not in a rush.


Anyone have one they would like to sell ?