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Clone Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | ABEC 107mm | 13s5p | Top Mount FocBox | SK3 6374 | Metr Pro



more progress…

soldered the S connections :slight_smile:

BMS and everything else all connected and charging :slight_smile:


Do your “nutserts” go all the way thru the deck? I loved the size of the falcon, but when I got all my parts I actually needed the 39” evo. Great build you have.


Curious, why did you choose the 6 degree wedge? Was it for motor clearance? I have a similar build, Evo falcon with caliber 2 and tb mount and 6374 motor, but can’t seem to get clearance between the deck and motor


@llreinzll almost all the way when drilling I could feel the pressure from the tip of the bit
@Brdchris I have both 12 and 6 degree wedges - I’m a little worried about making alll this fit with clearance now not tried with the extra foam, will find out this weekend :slight_smile:


@Brdchris spent some time this weekend testing out motor clearance - still waiting on my really long bolts but tested some setups:

  • with 6 degree still way too close fits but can’t turn
  • with 12 degree totally fine, almost feels like it was made for this setup

another thing to think about is removing some of the evo orig. truck angles

Deckoz has

I’m now 52 on the back and planning some trial and error on the front see what I can ride with


@llreinzll thanks for pointing out my mistake - initially planned on getting those from the bottom ones but they worked out much more expensive so decided to opt for the top mounted ones but totally forgot they were different when fitting, I think you just saved my enc. from serious damaged :slight_smile:

I love this site, I miss someone reviewing my tasks (so many years at work lol) - its really nice to be able to post here and have mistakes identified before its too late :smiley:


Do you have a link to where you can buy your threadserts? Not sure yet on how I want to drill through the enclosure and attach everything to the deck


I got this mixed set since I had no idea of the size I wanted to use


also saw someone else post about these hex keys, these are by far the best I’ve ever use - I’m now on my 4th set during this build and these are here to stay :slight_smile:


I’m using m4 internal threads in m8 external. Got them on amazon, that’s what deckoz used on his Evo build


Would you have photos of them on your build? These don’t go straight through the deck right?


I haven’t had a chance to install them, they came Saturday but I’m on vacation this week.

I read a tip that said to take a deep well socket, place it over your drill bit so that you can only drill as deep as the insert is. That will prevent you from drilling all the way through. Also use masking tape where you drill to prevent the socket from marring the deck finish. Then lightly countersink the hole to prevent stress cracks at the 90 degree cut.


Ok you lost at masking tape lol I think that was @psychotiller’s post on how to mount your enclosure? I dont even know how to counter sink haha so i place a strip of masking tape over where i wanna drill through? I don’t get how that protects the finish of the deck.

I’m already thinking of trying it out on my ownboard deck first before doing so on the tesseract haha


that sounds really sensible! I tend to try out stuff as much as possible on my old china kit stuff before touching this build :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely. Especially more so if I’m forced to pick up a new tesseract deck because Nobody is selling an original tesseract on the forum at the moment :sweat_smile:


beautiful build; I’ve been eyeing this deck lately


Thanks, not ridden it yet, was a little worried I wouldn’t like it since it’s my first deck without a tail but just standing on it made me think "wow foot vice’ can"t wait to go fat on this :slight_smile:


I’m almost to the “screw it” point, pretty close to just ordering a reverse mount so I don’t have to deal with angles.


I’m right here with you. Got two different sets on the way to try, if they don’t work I’m giving up :smiley:


@sk8l8r, I use these and they are great
Draper 33894 Metric/Imperial Combined Long Pattern Hexagon Key Set (30 Pieces) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JKIZQHU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_uxOvBbG9M6EED