Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

“City Slicker” Lacroix Deck and enclosure / 10s6p charge only / Dual FOCBOXes / Surfrodz Trucks/ PSYCHOTILLER 200kv Powerplants/ 18(40) on @MoeStooge Street wheels


This has got to be the sexiest build in existence.


Damn Tim that clear glass frit is the absolute bomb on that deck. Put it on the wall. Don’t step on it. Or go LHB style and barefoot.
Keep it to 35mph with all the torque in the world because seriously plus 40 is great to have but every time I do it I say a silent hail mary when I get off still alive. Not necessary at all. Still in awe of this fantastic machine.

The cookie cutter builder.


You’re running 2 Focbox’s? Yeah?
How’s your vesc temps going with those settings??? Are you reaching those settings during a ride?
I ask as I’ve got my Focbox’s set much more conservatively. And am already nearly hitting temp limit and reaching all my maximum settings.
I’m on pneumatics and have it geared very tall though.


@Sender has a pretty big aluminum heatsink in the base of the enclosure that the FocBoxes sit on. That and the gearing he uses probably works for the lower temp. Although his gearing is pretty aggressive for thane.

Get a piece of 3/8 aluminum and use me screws and thermal tape to secure the FocBoxes to the aluminum and you’ll see a drop in Temp. Not sure how much but it’s likely significant.


I feel that statement in my bones. My high speed is 42mph, and I still pee a little thinking about it. Leathers, gotta get some before I do that again.


I do it all the time Mike. You get used to it. Same reason I don’t buy sports bikes anymore. Sooner or later you’re grabbing a handful of throttle and shouting at it to go faster.


Like @mmaner said, that big aluminum plate helps with heat a lot.

Like, it makes a huge difference in running settings this high…


Hi @mmaner what is viuny???


Vinyl, when I’m drink or tired or sleepy :grinning:


:joy: thx, but I still don’t understand… how and where does vinyl help??


Yeah, I don’t know. Just mean his gearing and heatsink combine for a lower temp.