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“City Slicker” Lacroix Deck and enclosure / 10s6p charge only / Dual FOCBOXes / Surfrodz Trucks/ PSYCHOTILLER 200kv Powerplants/ 18(40) on @MoeStooge Street wheels


I have some @MoeStooge street wheels I am putting on City Slicker for a change!

It is raining all weekend here, so time for some improvements. After I am done with the wheels, I am going to take off the hideous clear grip and add glass frit like my initial plan.

Another thing is I quickly changed the original gearing and settings for more speed. I have been running 18/40 on 107s for the last couple months. It hits about 35mph which is a great sweet spot IMO.

In order to keep that awesome torquey feel I have bumped up settings to:

Max motor. 90amps
Min motor. -65 amps

Batt max. 55 amps
Batt min. -20 amps

(Per Vesc obviously).

I always wish I had just done 12s6p. I could have fit that shit with a little creativity, but I opted for the easy 10s6p battery build at the time. Oh well.

This is my mellow board, even though there is nothing particularly mellow about it.

I have some dope ass upcoming builds that I can’t wait to get started on with some amazing components.

-Ollin Recurve (so excited) from @chaka
-Red Ember Xapham (a beaut!) From @treenutter
-Secret unannounced project :sunglasses: @chaka

Some of the cool stuff going on these is:

@Kug3lis mini gear drive
@torqueboards 4x4 DD 90kv

@Hummie hubs… maybe? :pray::pray:

@moon gear drive on @psychotiller 6 shooters?!

I am also shifting to using Ollin Vescs. They are bomber. Look amazing (even in the enclosure), and they are made right here in the USA in small batches. That shit gets me excited.

Also have some builds for friends I am getting to take on which is nice. I get to play with other peoples’ money, YAY!

A friend’s wife gave a $2000 budget to build something “off roadish.” Cool thing is, I get full creative license. I already have mucho ideas!

I also want to do a smaller travel board maybe with a single Ollin drive on Ronins.

So much stuff to be psyched on! Not to mention I am hoping to get a lot more deck/enclosure skinning projects in the future to hone my skills with.

Damn, love this stuff!


Your outta control.


Nah man!

To know what is best, you have to try it all, right?


is that motor mount bent?


that’s my main problem actually :smile:

All this sound pretty super cool !!
strongly following!


No, just weird angle.

OOh, and the motor pulley is just sitting there, it is crooked creating the illusion. I still need to loctite it down


Those motor mount arms are tough as nails.


Don’t worry @akhlut, I won’t tell @psychotiller you said he is making bent mounts to purposely sabotage people.

I will keep it between us :joy::joy:


i was gonna say they shouldn’t be bent unless you hit something. and if they did bend it should be toward the wheel and not away. just a strange angle.


nah. shit happens. ive bent motor mounts before.


I know! Just playin!


is all good brotha! :smiley:


Had to drop the pics here too.

Now if it would only stop raining so I can try out the @MoeStooge wheels!

I am running 18/42 on the 120mm wheels.

Settings I am starting with (per VESC):

Motor max: 100amps
Motor min: -65 amps

Battery max: 55 amps
Battery min: -20amps

10s6p 30q. 200kv @psychotiller 6369 Powerplants.

She is so damn pretty now, I almost don’t want to step on the deck…


:trophy: Best Build of 2018! Nominations
:trophy: Best Build of 2018! Nominations

That deck is awesome looking good job


Beauty and Beast… a Beautiful Badass for sure!
Please, did you make a grip tutorial somewhere Tim ? :blush: Thanks


How wide are those surfrodz end to end?





Wheel edge to wheel edge is 392mm.

200mm hangers like @Indiangummy said.


With 80mm axles? So 360mm axle end to axle end (excluding shoulder bolt head)?


Close to that