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Choosing The Best Electric Drive Train Configuration


Depending on your weight & riding environment you should customize your electric skateboard drive train to ensure you have enough torque output without over capitalizing. Additional & larger motors are not always necessary.

Build a system that works for you.


12mm belt? Is that necessary?


Id love to see a DD with 2 of the big ones!
Might even be enough to sway @onloop himself.


yeah it’s worth it… unless you are really light weight.


@onloop this is great! Makes it easy for everyone to understand the options!


Do you often have the belt slipping with 9mm ?


It mostly happens under brake force. I’m 95kg. That’s why I got wider.


Will a 9mm belt carry a person up a hill though?


I’ve never had any issues with 9mm belts. I do weigh about 170lbs, though.


it’s more about belt longevity, 9mm in most cases is fine (on mono drive) and will work well for most people, but will have a shorter life expectancy, especially if you are heavy & brake/accelerate hard.

the cost of having 12mm is the same as having 9mm. So going 12mm only brings benefits.