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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



do you live in the UK? can you show us what you build. I am very interested for my future build


I got 20km actually… But was very light on the trigger…


Yep I’m in the UK. I’ll post the pics of my adapters and how it all goes together on Monday.


I’d be happy with 20k out of a 10s2p!


Again… Very gentle on the throttle and the last few km were just super slow…


still, lets say you give more throttle and you drop down to 10km, that would still be good imo. If you ride pneumtic you want comfort or offroad capabilities. Shorter range is to be expected.


Yup it’s expected… I wonder if I change the pinion from 15 to 20T will that help?


did you print your gear drive yourself?


Yes I did… See my build thread here.


wrong link but i found it. the adapter for the hanger is for a more even spread of force and alignment?
would you mind sharing your files


Ah sorry. Edited link.

Adapter is to help align the wheel gear and to allow the wheel itself not to be bolted to the gear.

Will share once I have tested a little more…


is there a calculator like we have for belts, but for gears. because i have no clue how to calculate the needed distance.


Since people don’t want to 3D print the pulley or don’t have access to a 3D printer. I made an adapter to use with vex robotics versa pulley. It’s a much smaller part to print and won’t take a lot of money. I have ordered a couple of vex robotics 60T pulley to show you guys how it fits. I can send them to whoever’s interested. Pay me shipping + what I paid for.

Files at https://drive.google.com/open?id=14AF8h_PFzBTdH6JRkKynJ70I3WzezC0N



duude you are the man. i am probably going to use a reshipping service to get vex pulleys to germany, before the mad max brexit happens.
@mishrasubhransu where are you located?


I’ll DM you.


Here’s my Delrin cnc router solution…,

Ass kicker, Hummie with @bigben enclosure, modified Marcmounts, FSesc dual 6.6, 6374 190kvs

Nice! I like that you are using all 6 screws. Maybe I’ll update my design.

Do you have a pic of your cnc router? How much did it cost?


Thanks! The router belongs to the school I work for… it was around £4K and is not the best! It copes with Delrin well enough though.


Problem I am having is these wheels drink battery juice for breakfast!! I was expecting 20km range on my mini AT build, looks to me like I will only get about 15km.

I noticed a ~50% increase in energy consumption compared to my 83mm 75A Flywheels. Definitely worth it for the softer ride (the roads are really bad in my area).

What PSI are your wheels inflated to?


Wow 50% is bad!! But yes seems about right…

I have these at maximum PSI of 70.