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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



@Maxid can you please advise where you put the beads? Is it in the tyre or in the tube?

Thanks for your input. By the way I have found this company for anyone is Australia www.abcbeads.com.au

I haven’t bought any but it’s the only company i could find selling them in Australia.


I found these guys but I cannot confirm if they work or not: http://www.innovativebalancing.com/


In the tube - they need to be able to move freely in order to work. It takes some time though without the proper tools.


What quote did you get for the pulley and the adapter?


Only looked at the pulley which was $15 for raw materials, not sure how much shipping is


I decided that weights would mean I could use puncture sealing gloop in my tubes where the pearls need dry tubes…


how about both in one? Apparently.


Wow. Check out the mark up!


Holyshit. This is pretty much why this hobby is so expensive. Unreasonable markups :frowning:
One can find reasonably priced motor mounts(thanks to @dickyho), blanks decks, battery pack one can assemble economically. But motors and wheels have crazy markups.

@dickyho, please help us get some decent motors for less :pray:


I’m on less than £90 for all four wheels, including 2 vex pulleys and Pom adapters!


I do have cheap 6 inch wheels setup for sell, just the USA tax policy have been very strictly agains china products, I already have some heavy packages got detained by the custom. so I still not post the set on sell yet…


tbh, when it comes to motors they are expensive because of copper and laminate sheeting, if u wanna cheap out on a motor be my guest, but dont be surprised when it fails, or u melt ur windings

as for everything else. time isnt free. even if i charge you my states min wage/hr (7.25) u are still looking at almost 400USD for a 10s5p 30Q pack and thats with me profiting MAYBE 30$ (not including power switch) and thats just the cells being welded, the bms (charge only), and the misc materials needed to make a QUALITY pack


@dickyho can you show us your 6inch wheels ect? As far as i know there shouldnt be problems shipping to EU right?


yes, no problem to ship to EU.


are those your flywheel pulleys?


no, this 44T pulleys, I was specially made for this wheel.


Those tires are different than all of those 6 inch cheap ones? They look different. Can you post more pictures of them and rims? What is the price?


this wheel I selected quality is very good. aluminum rim and hub in one piece.
the whole set without motors need 115us+shipping


Those are airless? :frowning:


Yeah, assembling battery safely is definitely time taking and is worth the money. If I assemble them using NESE modules then it’s going to cost around $230 but then I am putting my time and energy into it. I was talking about motors costing $120 when they are being bought for $50 or less. If everything is marked up for more than double then the hobby is only affordable by those with a disposable income.

To put things in perspective how expensive these parts are, this is a motor bike that you can buy for $360. Now imagine a motor costing $120, a single motor.