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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



Who can do it for me I don’t cnc plus to get them made at a decent price in the US?


Mine wobble when spun by hand. But the wobble is visible in the tyre not the hub. You check for balance on an RC wheel balancer or knock up a diy rc wheel balancer (search YouTube)


I dont think u need to do that ive had mine for a couple of months and I bought different bearings for mine to fit them on 10mm axles and first it was very hard but just yesterday I had to change my belts and the bearings just slipped off


@Maxid Wtf are tyre pearls and where do you get them? Google comes up with nothing, unless I’m spelling something wrong?!?


Barely, my Trampa Superstars on my mountainboard wobble a bit more, but not really noticable during a ride.
So i guess they are totally fine, but have to wait for the other 3 to arrive and check them too.


I think they are called dyna beads.


Might have missed it but would these fit on trampa or MBS hubs?


Made a balancer out of some little brushless motors with no magnets…

The wheels are very well balanced. No lathe work required…

The tyres are a different story though! Got them all balanced with stick on weights eventually.


Mind to share a few more details? Did u just spin the wheel and checked where it wobbles?

Also about ‘sticks’. Did u just glue wood pieces on tire to make it stable?



I used the mini brushless motors as low friction bearings so that the heavy part of the wheel drops to the bottom under its own weight. Skate bearings are not good enough… I then used these automotive adhesive wheel balancing weights from Amazon (stick on!) opposite the heavy point until the wheel does not have a bias one way or the other. Then I tested by spinning them quickly to check that my balancing was correct.


Sounds good… maybe u should even create a seperate topic…

not sure many might have come up with this idea and i know many have problems with unbalances tires / hubs.

It is a bummer tires themselves are not balanced at times…


I am glad that the aluminum hubs turned out to be nicely balanced. Well tires you just gotta put weights, this is the same 6x2 aliexpress tyre that everyone seems to be using.


Hi, how thick are the hub adapter and pulley? I opened the file on Fusion 360 and find 17mm and 19mm. I am not very good at fusion so I may be wrong.


That sounds right, because the pulley is 17mm pulley+ 2mm of material to stop the belt = 19mm… the adapter is 17mm. Did you want to use some other pulley? Let me know.


Thanks, actually, I do not have a 3D printer and I think the shop here would charge a lot to print those. Also, I would not be sure what type of filament they would use. I am planning to order some POM to try and make pulleys on my xcarve. I want to be sure of the material dimension I should order before hand because it takes a long time to get here and it is not so cheap.


I have seen people making 3D printing requests on this forum(for a small fee). You could search what material people use for printing pulleys and just use that. I used ABS.

Else you could get a quote form https://www.3dhubs.com/


Any chance someone could upload files from the original Google Drive link that would be suitable for www.3dhubs.com ?
I don’t have Solidworks and the website refuses to use the files, unless I’m blind and missed where the correct files were posted in the thread


3D hubs should take stl files, no? I have a stl folder. Did you check that?


Yep I’m blind. Thanks mate


I will try to ask on the wanted section to see if someone will do it. I will try 3D hub as well I hope shipping will not be too expensive.