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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



Hey guys, do you know if the 6 x 2 wheels will fit Evolve Hubs? Also, compared to Evolves 7" tires would I expect to see a slight increase in range due to them being 1 inch shorter? Their widths are the same at 2 inches.


My wheels have arrived… They look the business for the money, however when I spin them on the axel the tyre is out of balance in the vertical plane, how do people correct this to stop vibration on the board?


I just had one sample point and it didn’t wobble for me. The rest 3 are arriving today for me, I think, along with tb218 and reverse mount.

@amazingdave did you get a chance to print the pulley and the pulley adapter? Is there a specific teeth that you want? I have 50T currently in the folder.


Some aluminum 40t-50t pulleys would be nice for these rims and tires for 15mm-20mm wide belts just a thought


I have the files shared. You can have them CNCed :grin:


So I have these as well and the free rolling is terrible. So I opened up the hub, hammered out the existing bearings which I think were not good to begin with (some Rusty and grind when turned). Then I used a carbide grinding bit to thin the inner bearing seat so that the new bearings I bought would be pressfit instead of hammer fit.

This made the wheel turn much much much better…

Also, all but 1 were off balanced, I used 5g weights to balance them as best as I could to prevent wobbles when rotating. Usually this is placed on the opposite end of the tube inlet.


@mishrasubhransu I’m not 3D printing… I’m going to use RS components pulleys modified on the lathe and a cncd adapter…

I’ll try balancing on Monday…


Working on a geared drive for this wheel…


Sometimes they put a heavy grease which makes the bearing turn less freely. Doesn’t affect the performance a whole lot, but increase the products life. @Hummie mentioned something like that. But if parts are rusted, that’s bad.

I would just using tiny pearls like @maxid suggested.


I like it. interested in seeing the progress. BTW, how difficult will it be to change the tire in your setup?

Also, where is that big bearing going to be mounted? On the D-crosssection of the caliber trucks?


How far off a complete gear drive are you? Really interested in this…


Bearing goes over the truck itself via an adapter.

Changing tires is easy, just pop out the adapter (not held onto wheel by bolts).


This is the 4th drive I am building (1 flywheel, 1 MBS 100mm, 1 8"can MBS) so I am pretty sure it will work.

Just need to finish the design for the gear cover.


I ordered all 4 at the time, but got only one yesterday, so i guess they shipped all seperatly?


seems like unbalanced wheels is a common problem. guess its worth buying mbs/trampa hubs?


according to @mmaner, every hub has some wobble(MBS, trampa included) and are a little bit unbalanced except psychotiller’s. So for me, as long as they provide a comfy ride without weird noise and vibration without ripping a big hole in my wallet, I’ll be happy. Let’s see how these turn out. 3-4 people on these forums regularly use these hubs and are happy, so I am hopeful.


Let me be clear. I have yet to use a nummie, other than 6 shooters, that didn’t need some alteration or ‘fix’ yo be almost perfect. That’s not to say that a wheel cannot be ‘made’ to be damned near perfect. My comment was meant to illustrate that most nummies have some issue that needs attention.


Mine came as 2 separate packages on the same day…


Does it wobble when you spin it?

How does one check for balance?


Going to knock out the bearings and stick the wheels on the lathe to resize the bearing seat. I want to be able To do quick bearing services.

I’m confident that the balancing is easily sorted.