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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



If any of you guys are in Europe, select the UK site (top right of your screen) in the vexrobotics site.
I did an estimate for Greece and I get 21.30 GBP shipping, still expensive for a couple of pulleys but nowhere near the prices quoted.


Nice one. My Google skills failed me this time


Even better find a kind soul in the US who is willing to buy them for you and ship them over. They weigh nothing and a cheapo courier can get them over inexpensively.


What is a cheap courier company? I can’t seem to find one although I would be willing to print and ship


The 2nd option is use everything 3D printed, like I have done above. Will that work for you?


Thanks. I’m gonna maybe try this next year. Otherwise I’m just gonna splurge all out on psycho tiller.


@Trdolan03 i was going to print out this pully so i could run panumatics for my next build. When i get my laptop out ill pm you with the links. The guy at my library said there makerbot would take 5 hrs and he said abs plastic is better suited for the type of use it will be under. Id say black if possible. What would you charge to make them and ship them? Im not quiet ready yet i am currently in just getting a parts list together at this moment and building my spot welder. Ill have the welder done by the end of the month.


@Lucajo16 moving to pm


@mishrasubhransu did the tires come with those 608 bearings or did you put them in?


I purchased these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-6X2-tyre-6-Inch-Scooter-Tire-Inner-Tube-Set-Electric-Scooter-Wheel-Chair/32840489792.html and they came with the bearings.


Seems the prices drop a couple bucks 11/11


608 is that normal skate bearing size? If so yes they came fitted with those. Fits skate truck axle fine.


They fit the skate axle fine (8mm) but they are not the same OD as skate bearings when they need replacing… I think they are 2mm bigger OD.


+1 The wheels linked above take 628Z (8mm x 24mm x 8mm) bearings instead of regular 608 (8mm x 22mm x 7mm) longboard bearings. So the axle diameter is the same, but other dimensions are different.


Oh, my bad So they are not standard skate size bearings but they fit the truck’s axle.


Waiting on that 11.11 for those tires :blush:


Oh they have some special deals?


Usually, they have sale in China for that day. 11.11 is “single day” like Valentine’s Day for single people. Lol


Just order the wheels, all is left is order the pulleys and screws.


just got @TheImmortalJew vex pulley adapter printed and its a great design now its time to wait for my tires to arrive.