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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Files available



ty @Tamatoa I appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure I got the right printer for the job.


do you have a link to those motor pulleys?


Hi, what’s your belt length? Are those TB mounts? What center to center distance do you have there?

I got the wheels, the TB trucks I need the pulleys and belts and I hope I can use my dickyho mounts without problem with such big wheels.


What belt width are you planning to use? I would suggest to go for the vex robotics versa pulley.

And what motor pulley do you have?


Well, I have a few 15t and 15mm motor pulleys so i was planning on using those for now.

I want to get those vex robotics pulleys but I bought too much stuff for now so I cannot order them as they only have Fedex shipping to me and it costs like 115us$ for shipping. If my secret Santa doesn’t send me those I am going to have to order from vex anyways. And I would need to make the adapters too.

How Do you like riding yours so far?


You can have the pulleys 3d printed too. That should cost like $10 in material if you have a friend with a 3D printer.

My belt is 375 because I am using the TB reverse motor mount(center distance 105mm). 52T wheel pulley and 16T motor pulley.

I haven’t ridden it at all. I have everything except ESC. Waiting for some crazy offers during the holidays.


Unfortunately it is not as cheap here, I went to the only place I found that does print jobs and they charge around 33$ per print hour ( I don’t know how long it takes for 1 pulley) and they only print in PLA which even the guy at the shop told would not be suitable for this.

Thanks for the infos on the belts.

I too am hoping for good deals during the holidays, good luck and happy bargain hunting.


I have a pair of extra versa pulley+ adapter. I can send you if you send me the shipping cost to you + cost of versa pulley(+shipping). I wanna see more people use it. Which country do you live in?



I live in Tahiti - French Polynesia, postal code 98702
I will send my full address via pm, I don’t mind paying for the adapter too just let me know.


So did you end up getting them printed?


still available? I have a very similar mount/trucks setup :grinning:


I have a bunch of vex robotics 3d printed adapter(no more pulleys) which I can send you if you just send me the cost of shipping $4(assuming US), you’ll need to buy the 60T or 42T Vex robotics pulleys and fastener yourself.


No i never got them done. The library has a congested wait time and it would take 5 hours with there maker bot. The guy also said they use pla filament so im out of luck until i get a printer of my own…or i pay someone to use theres.


@Lucajo16 I can print it for you on my prusa mk3. What are you needing done and in what color/material?


So I had 5 extra sets of these adapters for vex robotics pulleys. Two already went to @MannyM0E and @danggilmore and tomorrow I’ll be sending two more out, one to @Tamatoa and other to @nicOD. It would be nice to see them tested by multiple people.

I have 1 more set left. Anybody interested? I would prefer to send all out tomorrow to make it easier for me. You just have to pay me shipping which comes to around $4 in the US.


I’d like to try but where do I get vex robotics pulleys?


they are the same as what is used with the six shooters.


The shippings fee of the vex pulleys is ridiculous


Your 52t pulley, did you print that as well or is it a stock item somewhere?

50’ish seems to be hard to come by off the shelf.


Yeah 100$ shipping I’m out.