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FOCBOX is a compact, high-performance, programmable motor controller

Choose FOCBOX motor controller for insane ESK8 performance

Firmware & GUI Open Source by Ben Vedder

When you buy a FOCBOX from your local Certified Seller you get

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  • High Quality & Tested Product
  • Local Service & Support from experienced esk8 builder
  • Legitimate Warranty

Official list of certified FOCBOX suppliers


:white_check_mark: TEXAS - UNITED STATES

Hyperion Systems, LLC

@hyperion1 @hyperion2


:white_check_mark: BELGIUM


:white_check_mark: PARIS - FRANCE


:white_check_mark: ITALY


:white_check_mark: FLORIDA - USA


:white_check_mark: LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM



:white_check_mark: PENNSYLVANIA - USA



:white_check_mark: MINNEAPOLIS - USA



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:mag: if I have forgotten to list you please PM me your details

FOR SALE Focbox NEW! Europe
Where to get FOCBOX?
VESC problem. motor won't spin
Upgrade cheap hub motor board with Focbox Unity & Get Amazing Performance BOOST
Where to get FOCBOX?

more recent images. :slight_smile:

also i optionally add 5.5mm bullets.


And what about Certified Focbox Repair Agent :wink:


And certified battery repairers


Certified fryers?


@BigBoyToys is hard to beat at that game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dont worry, Ive fried everything before


True story, if it took me 10 blown VESC’s to break into the 40’s. How many more to break 60mph? Im sure glad u got my back hahahaha.


what about reliable?


I got a FOCBOX from Street-wing 2 months or so ago. Arrived next day in UK and its been working great.
Also @DavidBanner (owner) has been great at answering some of my questions and making sure i got everything set up correctly.

I am actually just about to buy another from him and upgrade to dual :smile:


I have added street-wing now!


Thanks @onloop :slight_smile:


cool! I’ll probably be getting one of them


Hi, I gathered some basic information about the GPL-license, so that vendors can avoid unnecessary GPL-license violations. Hardware usually contains firmware, which is GPL-licensed!
I have the feeling that a lot of vendors are not aware of the obligations,
which should be easy to fulfil, once you understand them.
I hope the thread helps to sort out existing issues.
I hope the thread helps customers to understand their rights.

This thread should be purely informative and help to understand the matter!
Please read the GPL and make sure your service is in harmony with the license.




Looks like interesting. Thank you!


What’s the power connector on the focbox?


10 char


thought so, it just looked rounded in the pics.


@onloop is there any sort of update on the shipping of units to resellers? Last I heard we were hoping they would go out before chinese holiday, which is in less than two weeks.

If we have to wait any longer i’ll have to bump my order up for more units. I’m already very close to backordering my entire subscription for the month.


Having a meeting today about it. Global MOSFET shortage is killing us here.

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