Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Ceramic Surfer | Arbor: Highground | Modular flight ready 12s Lipo 220Wh | Dual 5065 140kv | Surf Rodz RKP | 97mm | GT2B | Commuter



Hey @wolffoxx I got some more info on the range as I recently put my battery meter back in. I charge to 90% according to the meter, and finish my 5km commute at 70%. So I think a range of 20-25km is possible if you use 100% of the battery. To be safe I wouldn’t want to use more than 10-15km

On a 1p lipo pack I don’t think its safe to go below 3.6v as the cells are not as well matched as big brand 18560’s and each cell discharges at a slightly different rate. So if your only monitoring total pack voltage one cell could get too low without you knowing. Once lipo goes below 3.4v they drop off a cliff and you can end up at 2v very easily. If you had a 3p pack then the difference between cells would average out and could be run a bit lower.


Btw those meters are not very accurate, mine reads 40% when the cells are at 3.6v


So $50 gets me two press fit 6061 aluminum pieces? I’ll take a set if that’s the case

edit: may be in for 2 lol the 4wd dream


Yeah a left and right if you get it with motor plate holes. Without holes they are the same part. I should probably put up a dimensional drawing so people can see if it fits their application. On the weekend I will have time to mount the motor plates and take some pics.


Thanks for the info! I recently built a pack from 4 X 3s 8ah Zippies. I wired them as 2 X 6s, which I combine in series for 12s. I charge them on two separate balance chargers. I’ll probably try your conservative cutoffs. I’ll run mine with voltage alarms, as well. No BMS, yet. Yours and @namasaki’s lipo builds were what I studied the most.


If your runing individual voltage alarms on all 12 then it should be safe to down to 3.4v


Im sure they are, NOT accurate or linear. But if you want the voltages, I charge to 4.05 and end around 3.85v so I am not taking that much out. I am not sure how to convert that into a percentage though? 20% seems reasonable.


Is this a war guys? :sweat_smile:




How many more sets do you need for these mounts to become a thing?


If we get to 5 sets it should be a go, I have not mentioned it anywhere except this thread so far with very little additional info. I will add some more info shortly. Been so busy at work, :sweat: I think we can get 5 pretty easy.

I am also considering making a motor plate also as the price was good on the hanger mount. Then we would have a complete surf rodz motor mount. Its just I have not designed it yet.

More photos info soon…


On the weekend I got to test fit the 3D printed version of the press fit mounts.

The plan was to be able ride them but I didn’t have the right screws and I didnt finish the support bars which I think are needed with a 3D printed mount to reduce flex and load on the mount.

So I had to remove and put my old setup back on for now. :pensive:

On the positive side, the marc88 motor plates fit good, the angle is good and @dickyho pulley can also be made to fit 70mm axles with a little modification.

Didnt have enough M4 x 20mm bolts. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Dickyho with chamfer mod to fit.

So I learnt a few things with the test fit.

  • Distance between motor plates is 168mm. Should be good for 80mm length motors!
  • They are designed to fit faboy 36t and up pulleys, but dickyho pulleys can also be made to fit with some elbow grease. This is with standard 70mm axels. Other pulleys could work but you would need an extra spacer and 80mm axles, then your motor pulley will have to sit out a bit, so not ideal.
  • Did not test if the holes work for forward mount but its on the todo.
  • Should I investigate making motor plates also? Most of the hard design is done so I think I should at least get a cost on that.
  • Note my rear truck is a 45deg, so that may play into the angles the motor plates can go to.

For those who missed the info above, the plan is to do a small group buy of these press fit surfrodz RKP motor mounts. They will be,

  • CNC from 6061.
  • Fit marc88 motor plates. (Might do my own plates)
  • Only fit surf rodz RKP 200mm hangers.
  • Fit fatboy pulleys. Dickyho pulleys can be made to fit.
  • Press fit, no clamp, as in just do up the axel and they are tight as a :tiger2:
  • $50 usd for a set of two, delivered by registered mail from hong kong.


168mm between the plates? That means we can fit these bad boys on there! And I will :smiling_imp:


Whoa, that is HUGE! You going to put that where? :flushed:

Do you already have motor plates? Will need to carefully consider the center to center distance so it will clear the baseplate / kingpin. Forward or rearward mount? Fitting these in forward position might be tricky.


I was going to attempt an inward mount. I’m doubtful I can get it on a talon but I’ll mock it up before trying. Was gonna CNC some thicc motor plates out of 6061 on the cheap using one of my university’s mills.


Yes, I finished the support bars and got some M4X20mm bolts to attach the motor plates to the hanger mounts. This weekend I can finally test it out. :dancer:

Pretty happy with the result for hand drilling. M5 tapped holes. 12mm Aluminum bar stock.


Attempting a motor plate design to check the price. My goal was to keep it as simple as possible to machine and keep the short center to center distance I already have. To fit 5065 racestar and SK3 // 44mm spaced motors.

The tricky thing is with motor plates everyone wants a different center to center distance. But I am only planning to do a 10 set run so can’t please everyone.

The only downside I see with this short CTC is that it does not fit SK3 6374 in rear mount, you would have to use shorter or smaller diameter motors. The moc motors in the render are SK3 6374.

The blue line is 63mm and 50mm motor diameters.

Rear mount with SK3 6374

Inside mount has plenty of room for SK3 6374


Printed version fits and seems to work for now. See how long it can hold up.

One issue I had was my belts where much tighter. My old trucks and mounts must of never been this strait! So I have had to use really small bearings on the idlers to get it to fit. Just a temporary solution, I now have ordered 290 my current ones are 285.


I’m willing to get 2 sets, we just need 3 more to make these press fit mounts happen everyone, $50 is a steal!


Thanks man! I will make an official group buy before friday to gather some more interest.

In the meantime I have started a google doc sign up sheet to get this going more official. Please check it works, I am new to using docs this way.