Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Cascadia Carver | LaCroix Prototipo Deck | Trampa Ultimate Trucks/7" SS | Kaly.NYC 4:1 Gear | 2x Flipsky 6.6 | Maytech 170kv 6374 Sealed | Hoyt St Puck | 10S6P Samsung 30q pack


Hey guys! Wanted to post one of my more recent builds. First of all, I wanted to thank this community for the passion, time, and dedication you guys shown for this common interest. I have a background in Robotics R&D, and have been a steadfast contributor and supporter of open source for a pretty long time at this point- so to see so much useful information and help given out here is great.

I’ve lurked and learned for about the last year here and wanted to finally drop in and say thanks. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some of my own open source projects to the cause as the rainy season is upon us in the PNW. Cheers!

Specs are in the title so I’ll leave the rest to pictures. More than happy to answer any questions.


Damn! Those are huge! Never thought i’ll see that kind of set up on a Lacroix deck.


Very nice build!


I’m already in love with the Kaly.NYC gear drive having spent the last year playing with belts. Unfortunately I only got about 100 miles on her before I had the magnetic retainer ring come loose on one of my TB 6380s. Heh.


Sick ass build! You pretty much bought the best components $ can buy. Must ride like a dream.

Where in the PNW are you located? I’m in Eugene, Oregon.


Up in Portland but in Eugene often as I work a bit with Eric at Cascadia Longboards. Always up for riding!

And yeah, this was my dream build that I slowly amassed parts while likely spending 2x as much burning through “learning experiences”. :confused: Oh to go back with what I know now, which still isn’t much. Ha.

With all the gorgeous engineering that went into these parts, this thing went together like an adult lego kit.


Oh snap, we aren’t alone! @Skunk

I haven’t even heard of Cascadia Longboards. Just looked them up on Facebook and wow they make some beautiful decks. Almost too nice to shred on…

My board is going under the knife shortly, but it would definitely be nice to meet up with some other local folks. Thanks for posting here!


Let’s ride. I’ve been so lonely


I’m seriously down- I ride with a pretty big community up in Portland, but Eugene has some amazing trails I’d love to hit up again. I’m heading down later this month to pick up another batch of decks from Cascadia, let’s link up!


Very nice build. Love the pvc stand


Nice build man, what’s the other deck on pics 2 and 3?


That’s one of the like 5 iterations of my (mostly successful) attempts to build out a sub 1k beater AT board for commuting. Uses a hand created Puna Deck from Cascadia Longboards- it’s probably my all time favorite non-carver style deck at this point- I’ve got an 8-ply that somehow survived a car running it over.


What are your thoughts on the airless tires? I haven’t see many people use them a lot but you have multiple sets.


I like them for what they are. They’re nothing like a pneumatic- they’re essentially 150mm ultra soft gummy tires, they will wear down the tread bare after about 500 miles, and they will tank your fuel economy. I have seen a few people use them here as they’re just Volans/Diyeboard parts, and bang for buck they’re pretty solid.

So with all that said: I use them on my beater AT commuter boards because they’re indestructible, they work surprisingly well in slick conditions, and they’re cheap enough to replace that I don’t need to worry about the tread. They do really impact your fuel economy though, I get about 15mi range on “babytown frolics mode” which is 35amp per channel using a 10S5P pack.

I could post up the build if there’s interest, I just wasn’t sure there’d be much interest as aside from the Puna deck it’s mostly just slapped together Diyeboard gear which isn’t exactly news here.


Alright, getting my photo build log updated. Here’s another pack I built up for a friend who’s also building out a board with a Prototipo. I’m about to break down my own hastily built pack and give it a similar treatment, but also debating on trying my luck with some 21700s- currently curious what can reasonably be expected as continuous current on the Samsung 50e.