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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



I truncated the cable from the EXO ESC and soldered it directly to the FSESC.I reconnected to the JST connector that owned the sensor cable.


The OD of drive is 76mm, that will leave you with 7mm road clearance. You could if you are riding on super-smooth road, and besides, there are the urethane sleeves to protect the part of the motor that get hits the most. It’s like driving lowered cars, you just have to be aware and avoid obstacles as much as you can. But for practical riding, 97mm should be minimum.

The hold up on the EXO has always been about the drives. Now that everything is back in stock, we can continue shipping them again.


The holes on the adapter that fits on the outside of the motor, if they’re open to the outside and not sealed by the wheel, they’ll throw air out. But there’s also the same mechanism with the centrifuallly throwing blades on the other side of the motor too and they’d be fighting against each other if they’re both spinning


There is no way that air can directly hit the face of the motor head on, there is a big wheel that’s blocking it. And in fact, since the wheel is there, incoming air is being cornered at that spot. So it’s very effective to put an opening there to funnel the trapped air onto the motor. That’s how “Esk8” aerodynamics work, maybe you shouldn’t be always so critical of my designs.

EDIT: I have no idea what was just posted directly above this.


We’re the motors working before on the EXO Pro board? Did you connect them like this?

Also make sure you put the wheels on and lock down with axle nuts when you do motor detection so there shouldn’t be any play. Please contact me when you can.


The idea of the air coming in the hole as the wheel turns exposing the hole to the incoming air won’t work. Look at formula 1 cars. The dominating force is centrifugal and will be throwing the liquid (water or air) out.


The wheel being there will direct the incoming air towards that area, instead of just whizzing past by. Regardless, heat being “thrown out” is a good thing, more efficient than just statically radiating it off on the hanger. That’s why I compared it to StatiCool, which is static, and mine is more DynamiCool (this is all pun intended only though) because mine is spinning like a…wait for it…a fan!


Lolwut? Aerodynamics are aerodynamics. Just because you made up a “cool” marketing word for it doesn’t make it defy physics. I was trying to help you out by showing you the faults in your design and spending time looking up the proper way to do this so you could improve said design. Good luck.


Nice. How about the rest of my post, was my aerodynamics thinking reasonable there? Did I defy physics there too? Are you really trying to show the faults of my design to help me out or are you doing it so that you can sell something differently, but still based, from it?


I’m no longer going to give feedback on your design. Good luck with it :slight_smile:

Is that really what this is about? I wouldn’t be selling anything if your adapters had fit the wheels they were supposed to fit from the get go. I would’ve tried to reach out but after not receiving replies from you for months at a time when I reached out regarding other things, do you really blame me for not trying?

I did not intend to make a single cent from the parts I sold. I will send you a PM with extensive details of the group buy, the quotes I gathered from machine shops and how much people paid me. Anyone who wants details on what parts cost me and how much I charged my “customers” can reach out to me. I have nothing to hide. I do not think these details are relevant to this thread or I’d post them here.

I would honestly rather not sell a single thing. I have a full time job. This is just a hobby for me. You left me with no option though as you can barely keep up with the orders you’ve gathered over the past 2 years.

Sorry for derailing your thread. Good luck with it.


You need an inlet near the center of rotation for air to be supplied. I don’t see where the air can enter. Sure it will try to leave the cutouts because it is being spun around at high speeds (because of centrifugal force, like how a balls wants to fly out when you spin it around wiht a string attached), but doesn’t have a constant supply to replenish the lost air.

This is a screenshot from a journal paper to make things a bit clear about how the air would flow. Your cutout would act like the fan style on the left.

The image on the left is not very clear so here’s another similar fan.


Again you guys have no idea how things are in relationship with my design. The motors do not have an opening so air really does not get in it.

What it has are heatsinks that are suppose to help radiate out the heat. If I would have fully covered them, then they would be useless. That’s why I invented a Wheel Adapter that still makes use of them. It’s really that simple!


Okay. You will surely have better cooling(both due to radiation + convection) because of increased surface area due to the adapter, but do understand that the cutout in the adapter doesn’t help in trapping air and cooling your motor.

Also the internal fins doesn’t increase cooling by “radiation” because the net surface area remains the same(heat radiated from one fin enters the other). The fins would help a lot if there was some air flowing over it, which is again not the case.

A different design of the adapter that has a lot more surface area with air flowing across the surface is what is needed for improved cooling. It is okay to be defensive about ones design, especially when the internet stranger could well be just pulling things out of his/her ass, but I had the chance to formally study all of this in the past.


Damn, I don’t have time for this.

First off, your photo is wrong:

Here’s my very unprofessional MS Paint of the inflow in my design:

And I’m not being defensive, inventing new physics or anything. I’m just explaining how my design works in relationship to eskating.

Raptor 2 hub or TB Direct Drive(DD) or SwissBoards DD

Sorry, that inflow wouldn’t happen, not while the motor is spinning. Two ways to think about it:

  1. Inflow needs an outflow(otherwise it would be storing air in that space)
  2. When the motor is spinning, it would rotate any air in that space along with it and that would have the tendency to fly out(instead of in)

Since this is not going anywhere, I guess this is the last I’ll talk about it. What you have is probably already enough (given that so many people are already riding them). Good luck.


Well, considering you totally got my design wrong and didn’t even acknowledge it, I’ll just take my chances then. Good day to you too sir.


The first pic above with the big red “W”… does represent the part . The centrifugal force will overpower the air coming from the front. And it’s the same shape ur covering and on the other side of the motor.

Good days to all the good sirs!! Hhaaaaa.

You’ve physically threatened people on here me included. Maybe the web is not for u.


What do aero engineers know!?
It’s not like we studied this stuff for 4+ years!


Wow, the troll brigade is in full force. @Hummie, I only snap back at people that post libelous stuffs about me. Yeah, I met your “partner” Luke in Vegas and guess what, he didn’t bring up to me what he posted here, we we’re actually very cordial, so what was that all about? You guys just wanna stir up stuffs in the forum…like right now…because you see me as a competitor?

Yeah the web is not for me with theory stuffs that don’t relate to my work, I’m an esk8 builder–in real life. I build, test, repeat. And based on what I’ve done, it does work, cause for fuck’s sake…somebody is copying and selling the same thing and people are buying it!


There are things you guys have wrongly assumed here and are still not considering:

  1. You wrongly assumed that the wind is going towards the face. Like I said, it’s from the side and there’s a big wheel blocking the wind from coming towards the face. That little error could give me pause in believing what you guys say after.

  2. You base examples on static parts. You guys need to realize that the whole truck is moving, the hanger is moving left and right when carving, speed is not constant, there’s a big wheel there that directs the incoming air, etc. All of this can affect, even for just a little, what all you guys are saying.

  3. You guys have to realize where this design evolved from. It evolved from motors that are fully wrapped in urethane with no chance of heat leaving from the side:

To one that has a chance for the heat to come out from the side AND side-front:

So, with that said, I’m an moving forward with my design regardless of what you guys say. You guys may have studied stuffs for 4+ years but I have been at this design for a while also. I think I know more about it than any of you guys. Oh by the way @PXSS, I would be wary about your very long wheel adapter, cause we’ve tried that and it broke off easily. What’s my basis…years also of real life prototyping