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Will those work with the included adapter?


Yes they will fit @goldrabe .you will have to add heat shrink to the post of the adapter hub for a nice snugg fit and it also helps from the aluminum hub from slowly eating the rim as it a soft plastic rim…the heat shrink should be shipped with the drives if you buy. as I received the heat shrink with my adapters I order for his SDR couple weeks ago


They are clone wheels, you wont need any heat shrink.
The heat shrink is only for fitting the adapter to ABEC 11 flywheels.


Thanks man! I thought the heat shrink would be for the proper ABEC’s to fit.


Ok so this is where i dicked myself…@Moros …I have so many wheels now…so let’s start…I have torque boards 90 mm clone wheel from a belt kit…and I have a action S and S2 green clone wheel…they didn’t fit my original V4SDR that stated for abec and clones . Well the wheels are smaller…I went and bought abec 11 97mm for the speed drives after finding the clones don’t work…then I didn’t like the size it was huge on a kick tail…and then we here heat issues can occur maybe…and I .need massive riser so on for wheel bit …so I wanted 90 again they look better I’d rather 85 looks like a real long board not a massive penny board …Im pumped for the kegal adapter…well Canada sucks and I can’t find lots of places that will ship to me … so I ordered the exact so cal 7 abec clones but red wheel …they fit perfectly …the same as original carvon hub and abec 11…I just got the newest hub from carvon for my drive which he stated these will no longer be the abec size…they are for clones …I was so confused cause I have four wheels with two different sizing .well the arrived and they fit my green Acton and black torque board wheels perfect they are smaller then the abec11 and real clones …because there are two clones I find out … LOL…all you need to do is use the heat shrink for the abec11 and those exact wheel you chose @goldrabe …I hope ppl understand this …


How’s turning on FWD?


@mackann you another chance to make a awd …don’t miss out on this one … I got my two


asks for 10 orders, gets 100 :laughing::laughing:


That what I’m hoping for …I’m first on The list :star_struck:.and hopefully and shine a light to Jerry not to give up on the lil diy guys and keep selling drives as he steps up into the full on performance board game …


Yeah they reach 52000 erpm on 12s.


That is close to cut off…but doable…What tire size and the top speed and performance like compared to 10s if you know by any chance??..and I’m guessing you have the mtro app how was the temps on 12s


Definitely will.


Bad :sweat_smile: Although if you are heavy, you can impart enough leverage on the trucks and make them turny. When I would ride Derek’s board, I couldn’t turn it lol


Which bushings will fit the drive and front truck?


I calculated 59976 erpm. 50.4v full charge * 85kv * 14 magnet poles.


I recommend tall bushings from Ronin. Hard one for the drive truck, soft one for the front.

These drives ride like a normal longboard, and you’ll get speed wobs on regular bushings.


Thanks, will Riptide fit too? If yes, which ones will do?


Yeah, Riptide has tall bushings too. Not very familiar with them but I’ve tried the tall ones and they fit. If the tall fits, then the rest definitely fits.


How many more are available?


Only one to go.