Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Ordered mine :ok_hand:


Welp, ya hooked me. I’m in for another set!
Gonna have to start selling myself.


Done! 10 ch


Damn, I know @Wraith is at the other side of the planet. Somebody wake him up, it’s starting to get full!


@LEVer please hold one for me untill i can confirm shipping with you! How much is shipping to Japan?


Dude when I got the message from him I was 80 ft in a hole of a building im a electrician doing the main sevice work and I was stuck in the mud up to my knees…lol…and I know how fast the SDR went I wanted to quit and go swap funds over my boss all I could here was porco this porco that…lol…I got them in thank God…now just have to stare on this site and wait 24hr for this dream to maybe come true…


Just cause my daughter loves it there so much, shipping is $70 also :wink:


I would be shocked if 10 don’t go.

Dunno why I assumed you are from France haha.
French canadian from montreal? Its lovely up there. Went a few years ago :slight_smile:


Shit the Wify will kill me. :sunglasses: Payment sent! Big excitement here!


Yes my father is from Magog Quebec the hole family is from there …but I was born in a lil town west of there called Kingston raised there for most of it…it in the middle of Toronto and Montreal …but I spent most of my weekends growing up in montreal or north Quebec snowboarding or white water rafting and camping …and I’ve moved myself to Toronto now after highschool for my career as a highrise factory electrician…and when I retire I’ll be out there again for summer and then in Florida for winter …the great candian snow birds flocks around…if Trump let’s me in I have a weed license lol…I’m a criminal now …it’s leagal in Canada now


I’d be all over these if I wasn’t already in the XL boat. These drives sound like they perform better than their wattage ratings would lead you to believe.


@Saturn_Corp, i was/am but im 290lbs and still am wondering if ill be a lil underwhelmed by the td’s. Dont really want to build a 4wd td… but jerry still love the product.


I think these have plenty of torque, but top speed is the question, and with vesc it seems they’ll tolerate 12s? With focbox 13s seems somewhat safe with 200kv motors. May be safe here too?


@deucesdown I have been running these for months. I get a lot of torque. Top speed caps around 28mph with 10s.


If you don’t go up steep and long hills and use 97mm wheels only, you’re good with the TD. You can even do a front wheel drive and that will even get you going more.


Ya i got lots of hills. Sadly. I want these to work for my situation lol.


If you want speed, you go with SpeedDrive. If torque, then TorqueDrive. If you want speed and torqe, the 4WD of the SpeedDrives will get you there. Unless I’ve finished building my Esk8 CVT with integrated braking, we’re stuck with these for now. :sweat_smile:

Not recommended on 12s, there’s some ghostly stuttering on the motors that I can’t pinpoint. But ymmv since I haven’t used it on a Focbox.


Well then, if I were you I’ll stick with belts. Truth is, in terms of power-to-weight ratio, belt drives beat any direct-drive/no gear-ratio system on hills. That’s just a fact.



Sorry Lol thanks @LEVer and @Frenchy for hitting me up on the GB. I really really appreciate it that you guys remembered me probably I was looking like I’d sell an organ for these lol but I blew my budget on a gear drive a few weeks ago haha now I wish I had the cash to pick up these drives but happy to know production is firing on all cylinders now so maybe on my next build I can go awd! Cheers on the TDs guys!