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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Yea the Exo uses the Koowheel ESC, I’m just moving from 97mm ABEC 11 to 100mm Boas. I haven’t ridden it yet but I’m expecting a bit of a lost in torque so acceleration/braking will take a slight hit but I’m trading up for comfort, a wider contact patch, and higher top speed. The Exo Pro had no problems driving the 97mm, the acceleration was already pretty damn amazing on those, I don’t think the 100mm would make a huge difference. I wouldn’t recommend using the ESC with 107 ABEC 11’s though, only a VESC can drive those.


These babies arrived today


Is that a Cone/Barrel bushing combination? Do you know what size pivot cups would fit these?


No idea sorry, @LEVer will have to answer that

Edit: looks like cone/barrel on both trucks, idk about pivot cup

Edit2: okay now that I’m coherent, it’s actually not barrel cone, both have left road side and right board side @Chupacabra


Thanks :slight_smile: Is that a carbon fiber deck ?

Mine just came in the mail today :smiley:

Another one just to get an idea of the massive size of these things.

@LEVer My set of extra Kegel adapters never came.


yep its the miami electric boards deck, using these drives on a campus board for now (I know, wasting their potential) cause I have a fun board already and not enough extra money to make another fun board.


Second set of pulleys have arrived

Nothing like a perfect fit



Any updates on the indegogo shipments?

Still waiting patiently :slight_smile:

I have tried contacting you through other means but nothing lol

The drive looks amazing and cannot wait to get my hands on it.


Has everyone from this group buy received their drives? I still don’t have mine and it seems they’ve gone silent again :tired_face:


Please don’t double post, it’s like litter… :disappointed:


Anyone not using their vesc adaptors/know where I can get some? It’s all I’m missing


Are you looking for those?

If you want to connect the phase wires to your VESC I would look into soldering the apropriate bullet and sensor JST-PH connectors to the motors.

WTB 9 pin connector to vesc adapter

Jeez I almost died a little when I saw the original price for those cables - $89 USD!!!


Yeah, definitely not going to buy those. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They have the same cheap connectors as diyeboards too.


They’re listed at $20 when I checked.


anyone have any idea on what’s happening with the speed drive XLs. literally been waiting for a year


What was your lottery ticket number? This seems to be how Jerry is choosing which paying customer receives their product.


#1076 and #1084


Sorry you did not win :blush: haha jk