CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Do you know how many orders of the “GB ten only” have been sent out?
Patiently waiting


@LEVer how are things looking for the revo 4wd Indiegogo backers? I haven’t heard anything in 10 months. I sent you 1700 bucks man. I’m not the only one either. If you are really trying to right the ship like @dspx says then we should get an update. Even if it’s just an update that says “it’s not happening anymore and you are all out the money stop bothering me” so I know to stop expecting anything. I also tried the chat feature that you recommended and the person who answered it said they had no idea what’s going on with those boards they said they would check an email me back and they didn’t. Thanks


Was just casually browsing the esk8 internet when I went on the Carvon site and saw the ExoDrive on sale :smiley:
Now I Can proudly say I am a supporter. I was going to wait to Torque Direct Drive but ExoDrive is already on the market. Couldn’t afford to lose this sweet opportunity.
Quick question though, what about these wheels? Can I mount them ? What stock wheel adaptors come with the motor?


I would skip those wheels and rock Flywheels, but that is just me…


I already have the 90mm flywheels but I’m looking for something more robust for the rainy days. I’m in the PNW so winters here are mainly rainy days.


Got my adapters in today, Thanks @LEVer



Oh man those look sexy af


Sexy indeed, here’s some more beauty shots to drool over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What did you use to cut the sleeve?


I bought the 1.5" sleeves.


ufff stunning :slight_smile:
boas are the only kegel core wheels that will work with the Torque drive right? everything else is too small


Recommended wheel size is >=97mm, You can run 90mm but the clearance is abit sketchy and would only really work on perfectly flat surfaces like a race track.


This might be great for these folks but there is no word on the EVO or REVO boards from Kickstarter (sorry i said indigogo) no updates for 8 months, no response to messages of any kind. not much else our group can do but to get on all the bards where @lever is selling things to get some response.


I can understand that


Nice!, I was cheap and cut my sleeves. It was a pain, not as seamless on the the edge, but free.


The sleeves were a pain to work with in general, it required a good amount of heat and elbow grease to take them off and reinstall. Perhaps I was using the wrong tools and made my life oh so much more difficult but I do not envy the person who has to assemble these motors and install those sleeves.


I hear ya! If the Sleeves were not $14 each I would have not cut them down.


Those motors look massive!


are you still using the koowheel esc? if you are how does it handle the bigger wheels?