Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



ExoDrive and TorqueDrive are same. There’s another the SpeedDrive, but this is exo/torque drive.




Your order has been cancelled! :smiley:

Sorry @dspx


That’ll be funny after I get tracking :stuck_out_tongue:


Welll…it got cancelled ur not going to…sorry kid


told you so, it was bound to happen.

just stop, you know how it went for onloop on the other thread,
dont make the same mistake


@LEVer Not so eager reading all this back-and-forth arguing. You both innovate - come on @Hummie :wink:

Anyhow - how wide is the ExoDrive? And how big of a fortune do I need to spend to get it to Norway? :laughing:


I haven’t received tracking, was it emailed?


gotta bring a good set of information if youre going against hummie :rofl:


I’ll be riding the Carvons up that hill.

Probably not gonna be a good rep though lmao if I’m last up though lol.


Wear a cape, everything is 50% better when you have a cape on.


Yeah but if someone is claiming to build it from scratch without any prior art when there was more than a prior art–there was a complete setup with pics and other details-- they do need to be called out. Right?


@LEVer @Hummie I’ve moved your discussion about the origins of direct drive to a separate thread. Let’s leave this one for @LEVer to communicate about his progress.

Please keep it civil.


I wore a cape during Holloween it’s over rated lol


How long was ur cape? Even unwind a cassette tape out the car window?


I’d like to place an order for one of these ExoDrive motors. What’s the next step ?




Tracking info received and the package is en route! :clap:

I want to thank Jerry @LEVer for stepping up and gaining some control over the narrative, though there’s still lots to clean up and promises to make right! Speaking from my own experience, backing CARVON was always a risk, and doubling down on this GroupBuy was yet another. Communication was severely lacking, and it was (and still is) disheartening to hear similar experiences from fellow backers. Without that communication, we can only conjecture and fume. I’ve done both, loudly and proudly.

Within this past month, I have personally seen a change and a willingness in Jerry to correct his position… and after a few conversations with him and Joe @joeadams101, my eyes opened to the stress and strains of Jerry’s one-man operation; I don’t envy the man, but I do have hopes for him and for his vision.

Things are ramping up in real-time, and if he can keep up the momentum (and stay out of useless spats on the internet :wink:) I’m confident the brand will turn around. I hope others will start to see the fruits of this long gamble. I want to be proud to ride a CARVON!



WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for being so understanding…I am Glad everything is working out. Jerry is working hard to get all
These orders out. We are hiring people to focus on certain aspects of the bussiness like costumer service, shipping,etc so Jerry can focus just on building and innovating. For now lets keep pushing forward! Ps i love you more :smiley:


ROFL, I know you love my rants and complaints :grin: