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CARVON EVO - 4wd - hub motors + belt drive


Seems like Jerry from Carvon is experimenting with belt for the torque, hub for the top speed combination.
Any thoughts on this guys ?


Seems challenging to pull off, all 4 wheels would have to spin at the same exact rate?


Awkward. If he would just terminate his hub motors to wye instead of delta he could drop the kv and have slow speed torque


seems like if possible, would be a good blend of both speed and torque. But I’d like to see it in practice.


Same here, it would be cool to see a video of it’s performance.


Reminds me of @lowGuido 's hybrid kv build.


He’s not just throwing it together all “willynilly”. I’m actually convinced, with the special parts he’s integrating into the belted end (notice he’s only using one motor for both wheels in the rear) this is going to be pretty cool.