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I’m no better. I just pretend to look busy so my boss feels okay with sending me money.


Preach! :smile:

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I think he was doing all the calling out lol. I only saw that onepost from @Friskies about the chat function on that site


Any idea what this is?


Am i the only one that hasn’t received the SDXL’s i purchased from this group buy ? I’ve been emailing, direct messaging since November and haven’t heard anything back. Can anyone tell me what the story is at this point ? Sorry, I haven’t been reading the forum too often lately and am not sure if there was an update i missed.


I’m still waiting too. No news here.

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Does anyone have news about the evo from kickstarter ? Time flies… almost 2 years of waiting… :confused:

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I just wanted to ask what adapters should I be buying if I want to use Psychotiller six shooters or TRAMPA wheels like this one–c-1121.htm

I already have the Abec and the Kegel but not sure if either adapter will work for these wheels.

The 4wd is the only speed drive setup that can support pneumatic wheels. I can’t say for the Trampa wheels, but the V4 speed drives require a special modification of the six shooter hub to mount. @psychotiller can do this at the time of the order. The old Carvon six shooter adapters don’t work as well with the V4 motors.

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@LEVer Last summer i got the place in line from @Chase for the XL drives. When are you going to send them? I sent you many emails, chat messages, forum messages but no responds. @Chase, do you know anything about it? Some guys got their XL drives, are there more people who are still waiting for the XL drives?

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Alright so:

On this site, one has the ability to see when a user was here

@LEVer’s can be seen here:


Since then he’s been @ so many times that even if he’s seen email notification of the @ mentions , it still has not made him come on the forums.

For newcommers who will eventually come, here’s how it is.

@LEVer is not going to be summoned by @ him with questions

@LEVer will only log back on when he feels like he has th ability to do so

@LEVer will continue to do so , and compaining about it, is not going to get it moved faster.

Jerry has not taken your money and skiddadled , this is a common pattern with him.

If you want your money back do a chargeback. If your an indigogo backer and unable to, tough titties, welcome to ESK8ing with inddiegogo.

Not trying to be a dick here , but after the 2nd iteration of this people really need to learn.


@sandervandenhurk I will do everything in my power to get this taken care of. I just private messaged you. Don’t worry I will get this sorted out. I honestly thought you received the XL a long time ago.

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@joeadams101 Did you ever hear back from @LEVer ?

We messaged a little back and forth. He went from Android to iPhone recently, I wasn’t able to send him images as imessage or text

There are definitely more of us still waiting for XL drives. Coming up on 2 years since my initial order with Carvon.

I have the V4 torque drive. Will a 2WD of that support the pneumatic wheels ?

Talked to jerry last sunday about my xl too, as of now all his energy is going into ramping up production in china, maybe for exo, not sure.

He said xl production will recommence when his current efforts ramp down.

I know this adds very little to the discussion here and I’m pissed as everyone else.


Yes you can but you may find it lacking a bit in torque.

I placed an order for an Exo Board on (not crowdfunded) a year ago and I still have not received it. I’ve tried emailing, messaging, and live chatting Carvons’ team but I haven’t gotten a response in months. Anyone have any suggestions? I ordered this thing 3 semesters ago for college commuting thinking that it would be perfect for getting around. I bought it thinking that it would be shipped within a few weeks at most, boy was I wrong. Now I’m $800+ down the drain with no good means of transportation. Still having to bike everywhere.

Make the hard call of either to wait until you get it or start a charge back.

I would probably start a charge back if money were an issue.

Otherwise I’d wait and hopefully have saved new money by now to build my own.

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