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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Sorry, I will never buy anything Trampa related but if you want to ship them my way, I won’t say no to designing an adapter for you.

Aren’t @Psychotiller’s six shooters better anyways? They also screw directly to Carvon V4s


You have to drill holes to make it fit Carvon, at least if you bought them before. Now I believe if you ask, they will be pre drilled.


Guys, can someone with torque drives check the actual KV of the motors using the vesc tool.

No way are they 85kv. I have a feeling they are closer to 65 but have no way to confirm

@PXSS LOL whats wrong with trampa?


Once drilled they can only be used on carvon. It’s a Perma swap


I dont like Frank or his business model so I won’t buy or make anything to support him


Sweet stuff you got the goods quick so pumped I wish it wasn’t snowing here


Didn’t realize you were a member of the ATM…


Anti Trampa Movement


I went to the dark side XD


I think I have the first revision ready for seismic wheels!
I ended up not using the speed vents at all. There is an outer set of grooves just deep enough to grab on to. The cool thing about this is that you can’t even see the adapter from the outside of the wheels. The adapter ends up being very minimal and light (45g). It’s also pretty short in height making it cheaper to machine. My only concern is that the core is only engaged on a few mm thick spokes, so with time these might wear down even with the chamfered edges on the adapter. I will be making a second style next weekend using the speed vent holes.

I am printing a set tonight and we’ll see how they turn out tomorrow.


This is so awesome. Those lil vent are actually designed and shaped to help cool the wheel down at speeds. very neat that your able to keep them open with this design…


I will be getting the design file for this so I can modify it and use it for the gear drive

Next step is to get the wheels and a good price


If you need help with wheels let me know


Yeah they are kind of expensive here in the UK


Can you find them there at a shop


Like a local one?


Yes sorry do you have a local shop that supply seismic.ill send you the funds for them or I can send you some that I have already up to you which ever is easier


It’s not a dead end though, because I can always make new inside pieces for those who want to go back to belts down the road.


What are the sizes of the two bearings in the v4 speed drives? The outer one (10mm ID x ? OD x ? W) looks similar to a normal skate bearing but the inner one (? ID x ? OD x ? W) is very large. Clarification would be appreciated.


Does anyone know what baseplates/front truck carvons are using, and which baseplates the carvon hanger are compatible with?