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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Ok this is still very cool you implemented a gear with it …great idea…thank you for the info


just filled the survey… am i too late?


You are just in time. I’ll send you a PM.


Hey Patrick. Do you think you can create an adapter for the Enertion R2 hubs, seems like it would work.


I agree with you the dominance of Superflys are over I think Kegel core wheels will start to reign supreme


Probably. Send me dimensions of the hole pattern.


@SeanHacker can you help out here with potential measurements of the Raptor hubs. We are thinking those can be converted to CarvOn-esk direct drives? Thoughts?


That’s not what I said…

I agree that the kegel core is good, but not a fan of kegels themselves. I cant say the kegel core is any better than the flywheel core as I’ve never had a core failure on either. Clones on the other hand, I’ve thrown a few of them away because the cores deformed over time.


Yep. I can. But I just left work and don’t have a caliper at home. I can take some crude measurements with a measuring tape if you guys want. Or I can get whatever measurements you guys want with a caliper on Monday.


Monday would be fine. I think a more accurate measurement would be better for @PXSS

@sender, I think this should be separated into a new thread right?. Is it basically confirmed that Enertion black friday would have these the R2 hubs for sale? I think there would be a lot of interest in something other than the thin brittle urethane they offer


No problem. Just let me know where and what to measure and I’ll get them to you guys.

“something other than the thin brittle urethane they offer…”

Yes please. Totally agree. The R2 is probably the most uncomfortable eboard I’ve ever ridden.


Hmmm I wonder if there is any interest in getting torque drive adapters made for pnuemetic tires like trampa superstar hubs with urban treads.


@Mikenopolis and @SeanHacker
Making the R2 hubs into DD style system might not be possible from a structural standpoint. The issue arises from the wheel being supported mainly by the spokes and not an axle. This would place a moment on the motors which they are not designed for as the bearings in them are not meant to take any axial loads.

Moreover, placing wheels far out puts the load way further than the motors (and trucks) were designed for. Given that the R2s already saw some axle failures, I wouldn’t be surprised if attaching a wheel that far out doesn’t exacerbate the issue.


You smart. Totally forgot there’s no axle :man_facepalming:


Yeah, it was just a thought. Lol


I try! Lol
I mean, you could extend the axle… the question is “do you want to?”

Look at what came in last night!

This is why I fucking love Muirskate.

Man! Those speed vent holes are tiny!


Why hasn’t anyone looked at hawgs or cannibals. They are smaller wheels but are pretty good


v4 SD-R/XL OD is 63mm or 69 with the urethane sleeve. TDs are 66mm od or 76mm od with the sleeve.

Going anything smaller than 80mm wheels is playing with fire…
Although I think I can make a carvon adapter that will fit all Seismic wheels regardless of the core. That would give you the option to go smaller if you would like.


what about trampa 6 inch pnuemetics?


I didn’t think about that but makes sense.