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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Or ram u overclocking?


Nope. This was meant to be an easy going build. Posting went well. I’ve been up and running for 2 days which is the strange part. I’m leaning towards a bad ssd, although ram sticks were a bitch to get seated properly, I won’t dismiss it just yet.


What ssd u rockin. I ditched all mine for Samsung evo. Rock solid


I was going to use EVO 970s but ADATA 8200s went on sale for half the price of the EVOs so I bought these and was planning to return the EVOs. I managed to get windows installed on my second SSD. So i think my main is toast.

I may go back to the EVOs…

Sorry for derailing the thread


Lol I wonder how many people got confused about “EVO” still staying on topic right?


I used the tekton bearings on my TD’s the built in spacers are pretty nice with a large flange on the mating end


I’m in for a set too, I can also wobble my xl’s on the current adapter even with heatshrink


How about some kegel style cores for more wheel options? 100mm Boas would be nice on DDs.


If you are willing to ship me a set to do test fitting then I’d be happy to design it. I only have abec 11s. Price would also depend on the amount ordered.


@PXSS This might help for your design??. This is the original hub adapter for the v4sdR before the heat issues and thane cut down fancy adapter …if your willing to run without the covers …I’d like a kegels myself with or with out covers.


I’ll probably be doing a two part system in order to keep the protection on the motor. This way the motor sleeve will also be compatible with a kegel version.
I just reinstalled solidworks on my PC so I’ll get to designing in a few hours after dinner and then run a 3D print version tonight.


@PXSS do you think it would be a problem to make the interface portion out POM? It’s what I use on my geared builds, and would be easier to mill. If the design isn’t too tall I can test cut some.


That is much closer to the torque drive than the new one. Oh how I wish it was the same! I’d love some kegel adapters or even real abec 11 for that matter.


I haven’t received my TD drives yet what does the adapter look like for those. I wonder if the lx and the SDR share the same adapter looks like it. I don’t care for abec anymore myself. Abec is not what they use to be. Otang has by far better thane and there is a lot of ppl are making a kegal core wheel most likely better then the Chinese adec clone and you can get even better with seismic wheel which ppl are totally blind too. He might be a lil on the off side but HIS skate gear breaks world records for a reason…


What size are the Speeddrive cans with the thin urethane sleeve? I don’t have any calipers to measure with and can’t find any info.

My guess is a little over 70mm in diameter, no idea the length.


It pretty much looks identical to the adapter you have in the pic, six holes in the flat plate and large central opening. Just not sure of the spacing of the holes.



I haven’t got the exact measurements of the can. 70mm to 73mm I’d say is fairly close …but I have 83 abec clone and they are getting real tight when I test fitted them lil while back. when I finally get a 85 mm kegels or speed vent adapter I’ll be running no sleeve for extra cooling and more clearance as Jerry was saying in one of the threads with the heat issue that it’s fine with no sleeve like the v3 had none. these can are his thickest can out of all the versions I think he said 3mm or 3.5mm thick and fliess bullet proof DD has a 5mm can I think his are and he drives on gravel roads I’m sure I’ll be fine as I’m on this falcon now and I don’t take it unless it wide and open with nice clean roads or bike trails


I left the sleeves on. No issues so far


I’ve had no heat issue either but that was at half what I’m at now …but they are strating to get a lil warmer now that I have them hooked up to my 3s2p smc 90c 150 burst 7400 mAh x4 into 12s2p …I’m running like 80 max motor and 55 bat max 145 absolute max y split each focbox is set at…BEAST FROM HELL …no canbus I can’t get to work properly I’m still learning . i don’t have the weight to hold it down from it doing burnouts on roll out from 10kph to full throttle. I have to lean so forward so it won’t launch out from under me. if I get bindings I could actually drift this thing easy like a . I have a shit pile of learning with this new power…I have no torque issue with lipo its really insain now the difference from my samsung 30q to my lipo… MASSIVE unless you have a 6p 30q .I’m lipo for life the power and I’m easy getting 30 k to a battery also hard driving on off throttle to try and learn how to ride it.