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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Count me in for several sets, how many do you need to get critical mass or MOQ?!


Is this not the adapter ticking noise?

Same noise without the wheel on?


No adapters It’s direct with tiller wheel. I had some noises early on that went away with riding this is quite louder :thinking: I will probably use the @Moros guide for disassembly, just a little bit hesitant since last time I failed to reassemble


Minimum 5 pairs, ideally 10+ pairs


I’m in for 1 or 2 or 3 sets depending on price.


4 sets for me, at least


Well, seems like theres enough demand to get a batch going! I’ll post later this week on the price. I’m gonna get a 3D printed version going tonight or tomorrow to double check the fit.

After, I’ll machine a piece in my shop and if it goes well and matches the print, I’ll send them out to machine. I’ll get a quote on 10-20 pieces (5-10 sets) and see what the prices are.


Are all of the adapters the same? i.e. torque drive, XL, etc? I can’t remember.


No. Different motors different methods :smiley:


Does the aluminum piece come off easy or do I need a press?


Sleeve is off!
Someone please buy this man a deburring tool! Cut myself on a sharp edge!


That is a good chunk of metal right there…
If i stick with his design the adapters are going to be expensive because of the stock size. I might make this a two piece part to try and keep costs down.


First flaw found.
Wheel spacer is the wrong size. (At least for Abec11)

In the picture below you can see my zealous bearings with included spacers vs the bearings/spacers that are included with SDXL.

The zealous bearings fit the abec 11 perfectly with maybe .1mm worth of axial play while the carvon spacers keep the bearings too far apart and therefore add extra play.

I did not expect the SDXL to come with any bearings/spacers so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were included. Alas the spacer is too long but given that I was going to buy seismic bearings anyways, it’s not a setback.

If I were to use the bearings included, I would get some shorter spacers or cut the ones included on a lathe.


u can run em over a belt sander and take off a thou or 2 in a pinch


Funny I noticed this exact thing yesterday for my torque drives. The spacers that came with mine are 1.2cm while the ones that actually fit on the front wheels are only 1cm

Now no skate shop near me has 10mm diameter spacers so I paid 7 euro shipping to buy 3 euro spacers online.



Yep. We just bought a microlathe that I have been dying to use though. It would be perfect to take this down perfectly. Lol

E: These are the bearings I am getting in case anyone else is looking to replace the stock ones.

This is also an alternative to the spacers that come on the board for those of you in the US.

They are technically not meant for this application but they are cheap and easily available…


My favorite source for spacers http://www.aluminumspacers.com/


I checked there but they only have 10mm ID and 16mm OD for 10mm length. The OD is a little too large…

My PC decided to blue screen and no longer boot… so I’m reinstalling windows… hopefully I can get this up and running again tonight and start cadding tomorrow


Bsod this late… that’s a friggin bummer. U using ssd?


Yeah… its a brand new build too… sigh. Reinstalled windows and went into blue screen immediately. I may have a bad mobo or ssd