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Carrying bag that isnt stupidly overpriced


Anyone got a carrying bag to recommend? I would like mine to have a separate zipper for the charger and a sling to put over my shoulder.
Most of the bags I see online are over $100 USD! It’s way too expensive for a bag. :frowning:

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I Just use any “skate” back pack with the 2 straps on it.
this kinda deal:


@quanze I use this backpack and it’s been good for riding. I can attach my build to it if I need to move around without dragging it for a while. It’s a little awkward but stable once I strap it in. Not exactly a carrying bag but close and I think I got it for $40USD.


That looks pretty good. Wouldn’t the strap squish the electronics though? I’m getting a SPACE cell so I’m not too worried but still :confused: It seems like the best option tho


i think having the electronics on there would help the straps hold it better personally.


I don’t have good experience wiith this kind of backpacks. I bought several “snowboard” backpacks. They claim you can carry boards, but it was uncomfortable as hell… doesn’t matter if snow-, skate-, or longboard. Only some backpacks worked out, and only if they were very small or very full:(


… Or… Just sayin’… Put a handle on your board. If your want portability, it’s a 2$ fix for some bolts and a piece of leather to make a strap that’s on one side of your enclosure


This search: “Snowboard bag for kids” on Amazon found me some cheap ones, you always have to check the size because snowboards are actually longer. Then I was able carry my esk8 into offices and other “formal” places without people giving me weird looks ^^.


well it looks like someone made one for CN but it is stupidly overpriced at $125.



Ehh it’s alright.


I bought one of these for my Raptor:


Works fine, at a good price. Not fancy; it’s Chinese crap. Does the job. :nerd: