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Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Wrapping a deck


I’m in the midst of my first build, and I found a deck with a great shape, but the graphics weren’t my style. I decided to wrap the bottom in carbon fiber vinyl. My first attempt was OK, but not great. I had a hard time cutting the vinyl to make a clean edge around the deck, and the edges came out crooked.

So I removed the vinyl and started with a new roll. This time, it came out better because I used wrapcut and 3M Primer 94. The wrapcut really made it easier to cut a clean edge. I’m sure it’s possible to do with talent and a steady hand, but I have neither!

Here’s the new result:

My suggestions are:

  1. Scuff the surface of the board

  2. Wipe clean with denatured alcohol

  3. Apply the 3M primer, making sure to coat the area that will have the exposed edge, since that’s where peeling is most likely to happen

  4. Follow one ply of the deck all the way around with wrapcut, press it down in small increments

  5. When you apply the vinyl, use a heat gun to slowly pull the vinyl around the edges of the board. It will conform to the shape of the deck if you’re patient with it.

  6. Find the tape and peel away like they do in the wrapcut instructional videos!

Big thanks to @lowGuido and @King1017 and @longhairedboy for their help w this!

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This looks really, really good! Great job, man!


thx @longhairedboy I’m getting close to finishing this build… just waiting on one final shipment!


looking real good there. I appreciate striving for perfection, you have done a really good job.

however one of the reasons I told you not to worry too much is because it is a skateboard, and you will be devastated the first time it drags along the concrete and messes up your beautiful job.
but hey, props on a job well done.

I usually try to throw my beautiful new board on the ground once when its new so that I don’t get too precious about it :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I end up vacuuming the grip tape and shit… (I still clean it every ride. gosh I’m OCD)


Nice job! Looks great. Post aome pics once the builds done.


Nice job. Looks like the second time around turned out great.


I’m not allowed to bring mine into the house while its dirty, so cleaning happens every time for me too. And I have to take my shoes off too. We have a baby so the floors have to stay clean though.


I know you’re right @lowGuido, I will shed a solemn tear when my creation takes its first roll into a gutter and gets scraped :frowning: !


@king @lox897 thx you guys!


Nice job! Did you use 3M, Avery or Oracal film?


Thanks @MonsterCoatings I used 3M vinyl.


Hey dude!! You gotta check out 3M knifeless tape!!

It might be the perfect solution for getting your lines even tighter!! :thumbsup:


Hi Treenutter
Nice job on wrapping that deck, looks real carbon-fiber.
I had the same idea, last year, but I kind of gave up, I though the bottom of an E-board is way too exposed to get damaged by debris, little rocks and so on.
So I was wandering how the vinyl is lasting so far, I guess you’ve been riding the board for a while, since this post is from last year.?
please keep me posted
thanks in advance


@zool774 the vinyl has held up extremely well. If I polish it off with some cleaner it still looks new. It has gotten scratched on the tails of the board, where sometimes the deck is resting upright on the pavement, but overall I’m very happy with it. There’s been no peeling at all, even at the edges.


so is not peeling off at all by the scratches?


I’m doing this today, any tips?


sorry disregard the previous message, Im on my phone, I couldn’t see the all text lol


@link5505 as noted above:


Can’t wait to try


Got a couple air bubbles due to preexisting holes I had drilled into the board.