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Carbon Fiber E-board for 599$ 3000 W Is this good?



Is this good ? from china for 599$ and 1 years warranty
-Battery 36V 8 AH samsung
-Wheel 83mm
-Weight 7.2kg
-3000w duo-motor ( 1500x2 = 3000W)
1.I wonder what different between in-wheel motor and pulley-motor?
2.This skate-board company claimed that max speed30 km-hr in 3000w duo-motor ( 1500x2 = 3000W) how will i know this skate-board has max speed at 30 km/hr ?
3. What thing that I need to ask this company to calculate max speed?
thank sorry for my English not a native speaker
thank you all !


If anyone can suggest me what brand not over 600$ max speed over 30 km/hr please tell me thank you


Someone here purchase it and they were very happy with it. Cant recall who tho.


i would buy it and then post videos of it . only if i could . :blush:


any suggest?


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