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Can someone help me pick a VESC?


You talking about the sk3? Also is there really much of a difference between the Flipsky and the Enertion VESCS?


I’ll have a look for another one.


Yes. There are huge differences. I’d suggest researching


Ok I’ll go with the sk3 then I think and the enertion vesc. It’s not too much more than the flipsky motor and vesc.

Need to check out the sk3 first though.


HOBBKYKING10 For 10% off aswell


Cheers! character limit


Other options

£53 for clones not worth it.
£50 for that deck not worth it, my friend has it, its nothing special. You can pick up nice used decks for the same price


Oh I was actually looking at this one https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

97mm wheels 3:1 gear ratio (as of now).

Which do you think would be better?


Just depends on your budget

Do you know what you are doing when it comes to the battery?


Whatever you plan to spend… Double it. That will just be board number 1 of 10 if you are lucky.

Just an FYI though. When it comes to motors and vescs you get what you pay for and safety factors into that as well.


Yeah was planning on making a 10s4p battery out of 18650s but it seems like some of these motors are asking for 12s. The motorsport department at my uni has all the equipment for making batteries as well and they’ve said they’ll help me out. I’m not sure about the BMS I’ve chosen though, I’m gonna have to find a new one anyway if I’m going to go 12s. Will probably just go with the most common one for charge only since there’s not a huge difference in price.


It also depends on what trucks you are going to use


I’m planning on spending about $700 at the moment which seems fairly reasonable. I don’t know much about the enertion vesc since I’ve actually been looking into the wrong one but I’m gonna find out more.


In terms of clearance off the ground?


You have a choice of about 5 longboard trucks you know that right?

If you don’t then you need to just look at someones build and do some more reading


Is this so that I have something to mount the motor to? I plan on welding on the “clamp”. Also I should be able to machine a clamp there are plenty workshops near me.


Yeah but you cant make a clamp on most longboard trucks

And most longboard trucks arent long enough for the motors

Do some reading pls


Ok I didn’t know this I’ll have to check.


Just look at people builds


totaly steal but somehow I don’t regret getting the 192kv’s not on sale.

How is it that that’s 2250 watts and the 192kv is 4000w?

It’s not like you somehow get more output from the same input power on the 149kv right?