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Bushing Set up Help


Brad is there a trick to getting aera k3/4 pivot tubes to fit in w/k4 hangers?


No trick really, what is happening?


They seem too tall. I knock them in with a rubber faced hammer as far as they will go, Then put all my weight on the hanger to get it over the kingpin, But it just doesn’t align, I can’t get the bushings (bones hardcore tall barrels) to seat on the hanger. I need the pivot to seat further in to the base plate, but it can’t cause the pivot tube protrudes too far from the base plate. I did a google and searched the web plus asked here…

What am I doing wrong bro?


Can you post a picture of the problem? Trimming them would be my first response but I have never seen that happen before


sure thing dude, give me a couple hours, ill need to swap them in… they are on my daily fair weather ride I kick to work, around town…


Hello @Alphamail

I just got my Raptor 2 and I want it to have more turning capability, I tried to loose the kingpin nut but all I got was rattling between the nut and washer, almost no increase in turning.

What RipTide bushings do you suggest for these trucks?

Would the Caliber II bushings be compatible with them?

How can I know what’s the duro on these stock bushings?


Hey, those look great, can you provide some detailed pictures of the trucks assembled and disassembled. i would like to see the bushing seat on both sides. In addition, can you measure the height and diameter if the bushings? Regarding bushing durometer, do you have any other bushings that you know the durometer of?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The bushings are 25mm external diameter, 9mm internal diameter and 15.5mm height.

I have some RipTide 93A WFB on my 218mm Caliber II clones which are amazing.


OK, the “bite test” is a fairly reliable method for determining relative durometer. Wipe off or clean a bushing of known durometer and give it a light bite with your front teeth, then test the unknwn bushing, you should be able to quickly tell if the unknown bushing is harder, softer or the same.


Yesterday I run over some dog sh!t to hope I don’t bite much :dog:

Ok, I tested it aganst the red ones that come stock on the caliber II and both seem to be the same duro, even flavor seems to be similar :candy:


Should be 88 to 90a then. Pictures of both bushing seats? Do you also know the base plate angles?


So, I have a pretty unconventional build. Recently my board/me got hit by a car so I’m ordering an Original Apex Diamond Drop 37". So it’s a drop deck and I was thinking about using the drop through but upon reading through this thread, looks like it doesn’t really help with control. So, I have 150mm 30mm wide off-roadish inline skate wheels. I’m planning on keeping the caliber truck on the back which has purple nipples in it and I shaved off enough axle to fit the wheels on 48° atlas Ultralight 8mm core trucks.

If that’s not recommended I can switch so they match. I’m about 125 lbs. I’m used to small boards, like regular skateboards and penny boards so turning on a longboard is tough for me. So I need easier turning (I have a kick tail, still getting used to the distance) but also more stability when hitting between 18-20mph. I commute in the city with huge potholes and idiot drivers.


@Sapphirinia: Once you have your new board assembled, let me know how it feels and we will go from there.


@Alphamail I don’thave the angle of the Raptor 2 truck, but here are pictures of the seats of the bushings.

I wonder if I could switch to cone barrel sets and what would you suggest WFB or KranK? Any pivot cup recomendation, softer or the hardest duro?


concerning pivor cups:


What cause wheels to lift when turning?


mmm your weight, no?


Yea, but I tried friends board and wheels was lifting just for half turn. I know that every board will lift wheels if aggressively turning, but his board just lift wheels from slight turning


This is a picture of a bushing seat, I need to see the hanger without the bushings in them:


Hey thank you for setting up this thread. I am trying to replace the bushings that came with @diyeboard 9" trucks. (China) I would love to switch to a better truck but that means replacing the motor mounts at the very least. Do you have any off the shelf solutions for these trucks?I don’t have calipers to measure dimensions but Jason @diyeboard has given measurements of his products in the past and may be able to provide those numbers if I can’t get my hands on a set of calipers. Thank you in advance.