Bushing Set up Help


You are mixing KranK with APS on purpose or two setups?


That was not really my plan, but would that be better? :joy:
I planned to try both of the options to see which one is best. Might not do that to save some money.

Is there any pros of chosing the APS instead of KranK?


My default is KranK but a lot of people prefer APS so trying both will allow you to decide for yourself. I do not like to mix compounds for mental health reasons. I already have 3 compounds, a wide range of durometers and shapes to work with and keep track of. If I threw mixing compounds into the mix, I think I might go more insane than I am already…


I’ve also seen a few change the pivot cup. What does it change by doing that?


Much more precise and predictable plus a smoother lean.


That sounds pretty good. Would you recommend me to also get some new pivot cups?

(What durometer?)


I would say so yes because it will not cost any more to ship them. Run the stock for a while then change them out and just stick with the 96a


I got Riptide krank bushings, huge improvement! However what’s the best setup? Usually I use the magnum at the bottom and the cannon on top. How about you guys?


In most cases, same here but you can find some great setups by experimenting. Say you have one pair of Canons and one pair of Magnums, I have set them up in the following ways:
Key: (Roadside / Boardside = Top / Bottom)
Front: Canon / Magnum, Rear: Canon / Magnum
Front: Canon / Canon, Rear: Magnum / Magnum
Front Magnum / Canon, Rear: Canon / Magnum


@Alphamail the work you’re doing here is incredible. Such valuable information! Based on the multitude of personalized recommendations you’ve provided, I was able to come up with a solution for my needs. Fortunately for me, when I went to install my new bushings, I noticed that I had fractured my deck in a previous accident and (UN-fortunately) won’t be able to test it for a few days. Big-time bummer, but anyway I would like to thank you for your efforts on this thread. I hope your sales are skyrocketing!!

Cheers mate! I’ll follow up here when I get a chance to ride!!