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Bushing Set up Help


Only when turning super sharp right. both wheels on my heel side lift a small amount.


OK @GrecoMan tuning with flat washers (switching to flat washers in at least 2 of the 4 positions) should solve that. Keep in mind that you will increase the range your trucks are able to travel heelside so be cautious of wheel bite.


Sweet! thanks a lot. wheelbite isn’t a concern with 1/4” risers and a dropship.


Yes, the cone is a green riptide. I got the green cone/red barrel setup from a guy setting up an ldp with Randal 2s. He was close to my weight but I don’t like the setup at all. I’m looking for a more carvy setup. I weigh 210
What bushings would you recommend @Alphamail?
Thanks for your help


Hey @Alphamail, thanks for taking the time out of your day to help us out!

I’ve been riding riptides for a while, and I’d like to hear what you think of my setup.

SurfRodz TKP’s

Running WFB 95.5 barrels boardside and 95.5 tall barrels streetside.

As a fat guy - 280ish - I really need to crank down the kingpin to keep the trucks from getting too lively. I know a chubby won’t fit boardside, and I’m unsure of a fatcone. Should I consider Kranks?

Also, the 96a pivot cups - I don’t see a sizing for SurfRodz, have a recommendation?

Thanks in advance!


OK @Daniel828 on the pictures you sent, it looks like you have a Randal base plate de-wedged on the front so it will turn less and I can’t tell what is happening with the rear base plate. Can you tell me the base plate angles are front and back plus how many degrees the front and rear are wedged or de-wedged?


Sorry for any confusion. I have two different boards pictured here. My push board has the blue venom bushings, (board and road side) which are soft. With 150 Randal 2s this board is looong and turns very are very carvy which I like. The trucks are wedged front n rear ie the trucks have the thick part of the wedges facing each other My loaded vanguard is electric and has riptide red barrels boardside and green cones roadside. Way to stiff. I’d like to soften them up. Which bushings can I buy?
Thank you


@Daniel828 Have you tried this yet? [quote=“Alphamail, post:57, topic:42036”]
First thing to try is replace the cupped washer on the cone with a flat washer or just flip it over. With the amount of king pin threads showing, are you cranking it down really tight? If so back it off a bit in addition to changing the washer set up. If that doesn’t get you where you want to be, try the Cone in the boardside position with a flat washer so it will deal better with your weight and deflect more than in the roadside position.


Thanks @akhlut WFB does not respond much to clamping pressure so you would be much better off with our KranK compound in 96a. For SZ trucks, you can use all of our longboard shapes except the Chubby. The FatCone was invented for use in SZ trucks as a matter of fact! As for the 96a Pivot cups, they are listed as “Randal, Randal RIII, SurfRodz RPK”

Finally Surfrodz RKP Motor Mounts " Pyschotiller Mounts "

Oh right, I forgot to try that yet. I live in NJ and it’s really cold so I’m just staring at my boards for the moment. Lol
Again, thanks fo your help
Much appreciated


Can confirm. Freezing cold.

Source: in NJ.



Picked up krank 96a barrels, tall barrels and fatcones. And pivotcups too!

Will report back!


@akhlut Thank you, I am curious where you are using the TallBarrels?



The standard kingpin on the surfrodz TKP’s is a little too long and is a tight fit with a standard barrel. The TallBarrel is a perfect fit though, with enough room to vary the pressure on the bushing.

I might get a new kingpin that’s a little shorter one of these days.


When you find the kingpin you are going to use let me know, I am interested as well. Keep in mind the nut that the kingpin screws into is non-standard, meaning its shape is not symmetrical. It has a long flat edge on each side to fit in the baseplate.


SurfRodz sells different length kingpins with nuts fyi


Coming back to the Torqueboards 218mm trucks:

My trucks came earlier than expected, so I was able to measure them myself. Hope everything is self-explanatory.

Question to @scepterr and @Namasaki : Do you use the original Caliber II baseplates just in order to be able to fit other pivot cups or is there any other upside?

Measurements of TB 218mm bushings and pivot cups


Yes, because at the time I set it up, I did not know that the Indy pivot cups would fit the TB base plates.
There is however another advantage to switching because you can use Caliber II 44 deg base plates to increase stability at high speed.
Then again, the 50 deg base plates will give you sharper turning and they are stable enough up to 20 mph.


Have you tried the difference between 44 and 50 yourself? Do you also own them?


I will have a look and reply this evening