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Bushing Set up Help


Also just realized I had stock roadside barrel bushings that came with the TB trucks and 89a blood orange barrels roadside.

Anyone know what the approx durometer of the stock barrel bushing is? Maybe if I switch the boardside to something a bit stiffer it’ll help for my heavier weight…


TB 218’s take the Caliber II, the TB V2 PRO Trucks take the Indy Pivots. @torqueboards, please correct me if I am wrong!


So, I now am using the original skateboards diamond drop 37" deck with the same caliber trucks and purple nipples. From my little test ride around the block, I loved it. I actually put a fairly soft riser under the back truck to make the motor fit better. The bushings squeak but it feels really nice so far. I’m about 125-130lbs so I’m not sure if I need softer ones but so far so good. I tightened the back truck more with advice from the forum. I wouldn’t mind getting the perfect bushings for me though lol. I think the concave and drop is what’s really making me love the ride though.


You may have the perfect bushings for you already. I can make suggestions if there is anything you are not happy with. If you are happy, why change?


@torqueboards did we get confirmation here? I have the indy and the 218mm trucks. Seems like I might have bought the wrong one


If you have the TB218 you need the Caliber II’s


@pshaw Bought the wrong one how? Not sure what you mean.


He bought Indy pivots for the TB 218’s whan he should have bought Caliber II’s. What I was asking was: the first Truck you sent me was the TB V2 PRO Trucks and they took our Indy pivots, correct?


@Alphamail Yeah, I think that’s right.


Alright @Alphamail I received my poppies and I’m ready for tuning…starting out on what Dan threw on them (fatcone/barrel on both, yellow in rear blue on front) I’m assuming they are Riptides, just don’t know the formula or duro. I weight 210lbs, I’m mounting them on the Subsonic Century 40 with 1/4 inch risers and I have all these widths to choose from 152-158-164-170mm…as you know they feature the spherical bearing, and I got the version with the Riptide pivot tube…A quick test around the block was heaven, I’m hitting the waterfront today at lunch with it…any recommendation on bushings and duro or common ultra skate setups for a 210lb dude?


@squishy654 may I ask for bushing / pivot cup advice for HobbyKing trucks? 150lb rider, kebbek switchback freestyle deck. Want more comfortable cruising and smoother turns.


@rpasichnyk The HK trucks take the standard Riptide barrels just fine, they don’t have a restrictive or shaped bushing seat so it makes it a little simpler. For smooth easy turning while still remaining stable I’m going to guess at a Riptide WFB 85a bs barrel…and either a 87a or 84a Krankz barrel on the rs for easy adjustment…you may want to start with a flat washer rs and if it’s too much turn and makes it unstable, use a cupped washer to tame the squishy riptide bushings… @Alphamail may have more input, those trucks are a pretty good copy of a modern precision rkp truck…the pivot is what I’m curious about replacing…maybe I’ll send a set of these to Brad to measure and play with…they have potential but I just haven’t put many miles on them to speak confidently about their durability. I looked at the bushing seat area in the hanger and my fat mantee like body and decided on the Avenue trucks… for you they might just be perfect with the right tune…they are not bad for the $30 price point and I think some parts are even forged, which typically costs twice as much…


Dan sends out RipTide! Blue is APS 85a and yellow is APS 90a. Bushing selection is very personal for these so you need to tell me what you you want them to do after riding them for a bit. Depending on my use, I often run 60a up front on a LDP / Pump set up and 90’a in the rear and I weigh just about 200.


@squishy654 if you have a set, please send them and I will put together an evaluation about what RipTide fits where like I did with the TB 218’s


Will do…I’ll shoot you an email about it…


It is hard to fit this. If I change the Barrel with a streetBarrel it is easier. I guess that would be alright? I have to clamp it a good deal to get the whole nut to grab properly. With the StreetBarrel / Barrel I can’t get the nut to grab. With there Cone / Barrel I can get the nut to grab, again I have to clamp it a good deal loosing some of the setting variation. I will take it for a spin and see how it feels.


SreetBarrel / Barrel

SreetBarrel / StreetBarrel

StreetCone / Barrel, StreetBarrel / Barrel

StreetCone / StreetBarrel, StreetBarrel / StreetBarrel

There is also lacking space when if I want to have a cupped washer at the bottom of the upper truck as I will on the rear truck.


Let me check a few things, to get more space for now, just pull all the boardside flat washers to get some more space. The stack up of the stock bushings should be 16.5mm +12mm= 28.5mm and our longboard barrel plus the StreetBarrel or cone is 15.4mm + 12.7mm = 28.1mm. If you bought them from us, it will be easy to change out. As far as I can tell, the the spec on their website for their bushings is incorrect and we might want to switch to Street / Street combinations or ShortStreet / Street combinations. This is a quote from their website: “Four 16.5mm Barrels, Four 12mm cones”. The Evolve cone in the picture looks more like 10mm to me. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know what you would like to do!


@Alphamail if im trying to get my trucks as tight as possible, without over-over-tightening, at what point should i know to stop before i tighten too much? thanks


I always thought 1.5 turns past flush was the maximum. But maybe that is just for Aera and Ronin. Interested to see what Brad says…


mmm… seems that it would not be impossible to make it work. If I change the Barrel with the streetBarrel it would be no prob. But The difference to the Barrel / streetBarrel should not be an issue I guess. The diameter of the riptide is slightly bigger. Especially the cone have a bigger base, which make the fit less perfect. The hangers a slightly cone. The stock bushings fit perfectly but not the riptide they fit almost perfectly, but maybe thats also what contribute to my issue. But I guess when they are first tighten in it would be no issue. I have time tomorrow to play again and take it for a spin. I will be back.

Cone/Barrel, Cone/streetBarrel, Stock, StreetBarrel/StreetBarrel, Barrel/StreetBarrel