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Build Casings/Housings (Stuff to hold the electronics!)



Hi guys, I just wanted to make a thread collecting the many different ways people mount their electronics underneath the board, because I’m personally looking for ideas or places to purchase.

Let the pics begin! :wink:


I use these (painted the white parts black). Not perfect but cheap


got one it these on the way



Psychotiller’s enclosures with 4 t nuts and 4 bolts.


i did something similar and used one of these


ey, nice globe geminon!


i have been making mine out of fiberglass. I think i’m ready for somebody else to make mine out of fiberglass. lol


I made mine with EPP foam and thin plywood and then I covered it with rc model covering film. The foam can be sanded and or cut to any shape. The lid has 2 parts for east access.


3D printing is a good option if Your board does not curve too much


How’s the flex on these? I might need to do a two part design like the boosted since i have a Loaded Vanguard. Or fitting all of it in the back in one small case.



Working on a 3d printed design, will have to revise current version because I am getting a VESC


that’s a 9ply deck with a unique w-cave i came up with to stiffen the deck, so there really isn’t any flex. You can’t really have much flex whr using a monolithic box like that because of the strain it puts on the bolt holes in the box. It can lead to tearing.

My 7 ply has some flex though, and i want to come up with a good split box design for it so it can flex all day. My rat board has been using a prototype split box on a 7 ply for a while and i love how it feels.