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Budget Electric Skateboard | Krown Exotic | Krown Trucks| 380kv Prop Drive | Custom motor Mount | 6S 5000 Mah | HobbyKing X-Car


Budget Electric Skateboard Build That Goes Fast Very Fast Read On

Deck and wheels and trucks:
Krown Exotic Longboard | $20 | Craigslist

380kv Prop Drive | $41 | HobbyKing

Custom motor Mount| $20 | DIY

2X 6S 5000 mAh| $100 | Hobbyking

HobbyKing X-Car | $50 | Hobbyking

Gearing ratio 2.22:1 | $40 | SPI-Si

GT2B Transmitter | $20 | Hobbbyking

Enclosure | $20 | Home Depot

On/Off Switch:

AntiSpark Key| $20 | eBay

Total Cost :$331

I have hit 30 mph on this setup and it only cost me $331. I wanted to go cheap on my first build and I think that’s exactly what I did. It does get pretty hot but it works and its fun. Check out some pictures below!

Motor & ESC decision | low budget

that seems like a high Kv motor, glad its working for you though :smile:


looks like that case needs some breathing room


Nice work @Mikee! You can get rid of the straps for your enclosure with some 2-ton epoxy. Scuff the bottom of the board with sandpaper, scuff the contact point of the box, dump a glob of the epoxy on the board and let it dry and cure. I have a similar enclosure and once I mounted it it’s never fallen off.


Wow, I never thought of that. Sounds like a good idea. I will try it today or tomorrow. Thanks!!