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Breaking news Onloop is leaving the forum!


With all the respect thank you for making this awesome forum!!! You allow us to learn so much because you brought the whole DIY community together with this amazing website!! And the crazy thing it is for free and that’s a proof of great generosity ,And trust me the only people in this world to share their knowledge are The people that are truly passionate about what they do!! And that’s You!!!:v:


That is the dumbest shit ever @onloop can do whatever the fuck he want or say whatever the fuck he wants on here. Last time i checked hes the only one paying to keep this site up. And i say if u dont like it go to endlesssphere but goodluck trying to find things all neat and organized. Or even people that actually reply


I don’t think its that dramatic. He’s just taking a break from the forum. Like he said, this forum has gotten big, and he needs to refocus his lens on his company, Enertion. He said “…he wants to step it up.” I would take that as an indication that he wants to concentrate all his energy on the future of Enertion for the time being. I’m excited to see what he’s planning.


endlessphere is nothing at all compared to ESK8. This is by far the best forum!


I hate to see you go, but I looooove to watch you walk away…um um mmm! :flushed:

Que the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JphDdGV2TU

Seriously though, This was no small feat! And it’s not even climbing out of it’s crib yet. You should be proud.
I’m proud to have been a small part of it.



not sure if truth, or ploy to make me watch one of his VLOGs?


“who gives a shit? You can do what ever you want in this world. Put your mind to it, innovate your ass off, push the envelope, think outside the box” - onloop

now THATS some inspiring shit. That is how I live. That is how innovations are created.

Sad to see you go in one aspect, but I think its the best for the forum moving forward. I had the feeling lately that this forum has become an arguing ground over the claims onloop has made. Is he marketing his stuff as better? yes. Are the claims warranted? Idk, but I can say his motors are of a good quality (I have put one of those little guys through every torture I could imagine). So for the sake of our sanity, move on, and if you disagree with him, build what you think is better. That’s what I try to focus on everyday.


Much love to onloop! There’s been beef between onloop and other people and it honestly has not been a good showing. That said, I appreciate people with balls enough to say what is on their mind. However, there’s almost always a more tactful way to speak your mind,. My old psych teacher used to say, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell, but in such a nice way that they are looking forward to the trip.” People in customer service walk a fine line all the time. It aint easy being steezy! I think onloop is making a very calculated decision here. If he feels this is the right decision, then it’s the right decision. He’s been putting WAY too much time into the forum and now he’s prioritizing. This is a good thing! Especially with a little one on the way. I wish Jason the best!
True talk…
We haven’t lost him, though. He’s still a big part of this forum in perpetuity. As long as this forum exists his legacy will continue here.


For those who are wondering, the Enertion Support account will still exist to help with forum users who have questions about our products.

It just may be run by someone else… or Jason… I guess no one will ever know :wink:

so if you see an Enertion customer with an issue or product question, don’t hesitate to tag this account and draw our attention to the thread.

thanks all!


@onloop you will be missed, that is an inspiring quote.


How is this a ‘top thread’.