Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Brand new 10s5p kit, zero rides, 3 + issues out of the box... owned for 45 minutes



Keep following the steps listes above.
Inquire about belt tension claim.
Ask about stripped hardware.
Ask why site says 30% incline and mentions nothing of “light use only”
Keep things civil.
Be sure to take some screen shots of page so he can’t add it later.


ive directly escalated to paypal regarding this riff raff. These guys are such fucking scammers. If i have to take an L on this for others to reference WHY NOT TO BUY than so fking be it… but damn. Any ways ill keep posted on what paypal says. Im confident paypal will see things the way we do. Im also sure that im not the first one who has had this issue of sorts and escalated. I am hoping for the best. I cant thank this community enough for having my back and spending time with me to figure this out. yall are fucking solid solid people. mad love


Good luck dude.


okay so… not sure how to go forward with this. I have escalated with paypal, and than i get an email from jason @ diyeboards saying this: ( copy and pasted from my outlook)

Hi Jason T,

Sorry for the problem and trouble, our mistake. We take full responsibility.

Can partial refund accepted by you?

or you can send it back if you don’t like it.

end of email

i havent ever returned something i bought online so im not sure how that prrocess works… any light on that?
specifically who gets what first? i dont want to send the board back and than them just not pay me… should i continue with paypal escalation or another route. anyone got a clue?


If you’ve already escalated things with PayPal wait to see what they say before making any decisions.
They’re only taking responsibility because they know that they are wrong and PayPal has refunded other customs in the past
They had hoped to sweet-talk you in emails before


SEND THAT GARBAGE BACK! It’s for light use anyways…


so just got an email back from paypal saying diyeboards are offering a counter partial refund of 100$ usd :sleeping:

I mean… wtf dude… im going to deny the offer.


Did you tell PayPal product is not as advertised?


yes i explained the product was not as advertised and the email was very contradicting to their website. not only that… i feel like i was fucked around? (sailor’s mouth) it was all a big fking joke to them until they saw the videos i sent ( assumption) and were like… well shit…


Well $100 could buy you proper trucks and @Boardnamics mounts.
If you want to do a full return I would be sure to find out who’s going to cover the shipping first.
And don’t send a thing until you have money in the bank.


thank you. this is exactly what i needed to hear. i have trucks on trucks on trrucks. i have TONS of spare parts for reggy long boards and skateboards. been collecting/using/abusing for years. I denied to offer. I am kind of anxious to hear back from paypal. and also nervous for zero logical reason other than the fact that i dont want to be stuck with something that i payed half my rent for…


Lesson learned bud.
This is why 90% of members on here recommend staying clear of that site…


lesson learned for sure… all i can do now is wait for a response. pray for me esk8 community :new_moon::waxing_crescent_moon::first_quarter_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon::full_moon::waning_gibbous_moon::last_quarter_moon::waning_crescent_moon:


This why hes not an active member of this community anymore. Total scam artist. Keep up the escalation process with paypal and good luck my friend.


sorry to read this mate, i was going on the same way, i was going to pay ofr the 10s5p batt/esc/power kit.
Hope paypal help you out.


thanks for the support everyone! :beers:


whatever you do just don’t close the PayPal dispute until you have the money from them. another forum member here had an issue with them where they said they will issue a full refund if you close the dispute he closed it and never got the money and once you close a PayPal dispute you cant reopen it.


So Update:

Paypal has replied to me saying i am eligable for refund. Here is the email.

Hello Jason T,

You’re eligible for a refund of $593.20 USD once you return the item(s) associated with this transaction. You must return the item(s) before January 26, 2019. Before you do so, please read our instructions carefully.

To receive your refund, you need to:

  1. Return the item(s) to the seller at the address we provide. If you purchased multiple items with this one transaction, you may only be required to return specific items. Please return the specific items listed below as instructed. If no specific items are listed in this email, then all items from this purchase must be returned in order to receive your refund.
  2. Provide online shipment tracking information in the Resolution Center before January 26, 2019. The returned merchandise must be in the same condition as when you received it and you are responsible for any costs associated with the return. If the transaction was $750.00 USD or more, we need the seller to sign confirmation of receipt.
  3. Mark "Returned Cargo" on the outside of the package to avoid tax charges.

Return address:


XinZhou District, Dongshi Street, NanMen Road, Building 7#, Room 4-702 ShangRao city, ?? 334000 C2

Transaction details:

  • Case number: *****

  • Seller’s name: DIYEBOARD

  • Seller’s email:

  • Seller’s transaction ID: *****

  • Transaction date: December 16, 2018

  • Transaction amount: $593.20 USD

  • Your transaction ID: ****
    Important information about return shipping

To refund your payment, we need to confirm that the merchandise was delivered to the seller. To do this, you’ll need to use a shipping method that provides online tracking information. If the transaction was $750.00 USD or more, we need signature confirmation from the seller. This is an additional service that most shipping companies can provide.

After you’ve shipped the merchandise, [log in to your PayPal account] and go to the Resolution Center to enter the online tracking information. We suggest you retain a copy of the shipping label to verify the address of the shipping recipient. In some instances you may be required to provide this document to PayPal.

Once we’ve confirmed your seller has received the merchandise, we will issue your refund. The refund should reflect in your PayPal balance within 5 business days. If you paid using a card, the money will be refunded to your card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement, depending on your card issuer’s timeframes.

Remember, you need to ship the merchandise and provide online tracking information in the Resolution Center before January 26, 2019. You can also cancel this claim at any time in the Resolution Center. If we don’t hear from you before the deadline, the case will be closed and you will not receive your refund.



some concerns:

Upon sending the item back with all the required tracking info… what happens if they receive it… but claim not to have… I am super skeptical regarding diyboards integrity.



not to mention… what the fuck is this address? if i go thru with this… do i put the two question marks??? in the address??? teh fuckeh

went to pay pal to check address… do i just wrrite the chinese letters ?! omegalul

XinZhou District, Dongshi Street,
NanMen Road, Building 7#, Room 4-702
ShangRao City 江西 334000


Weird… maybe they are chinese? All i know is make sure to return everything asap lol. I would just make sure your tracking info confirms the delivery of the item to diyeboard once you straighten out wtf the address actually is…maybe have a signature required even if it is under $750??? Im honestly the worst to reply to this because I struggle returning my amazon crap