Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Brand new 10s5p kit, zero rides, 3 + issues out of the box... owned for 45 minutes



try takeing the pulley cover off and see if the motor pulley is grinding on the mount.


Don’t ever drop your chargeback against them. They can promise the world but this company has a history of scamming and even releasing people’s contact information and credit card numbers on this very forum.

Immediately request a full refund in writing and put an expiration date on the request

“Respond by {date 2 weeks from now} if you want to be involved in the resolution of this claim” is what I would put at the bottom of EVERY communication with them

That way if the date comes you just full-on file chargeback against them without playing games.

Don’t accept anything except a full refund.

And please do research before you buy. Those guys are known scammers.


what do you mean full-on file chargeback against them?


you mean thru my credit card co?


Yes, however you paid them, you report it as a fraudulent charge, because they did not deliver to you what you ordered. But first you must try to resolve it. Just never forget the expiration date on EVERY communication.

Otherwise you get in a spot where they just don’t reply and you keep sending them messages and you go over your chargeback window and then you’re scammed.


okay just to clarify, when im putting the expiration date. i count down right? ex of my understanding: every day its less a day from the start of the resolution claim?


I have most of his really good stuff bookmarked.
Some good resolution advice right here.


we gotta make a thread of the trouble people have had with diyeboards. Hopefully people will learn not to buy from them. My saying is its more expensive to pay less for bad parts


Hey @the-frenchie maybe you can follow the advice up top for the chargeback… dunno how long you get until they wont allow it



so this is the fucking email that clown sent me…

Hi Jason

Sorry for the late reply due to my absence recent days for business trips.

I checked your order, nothing missed, we sent you the correct things without missing anything, you ordered the complete board, there’s no extra foam pads and extra belts, we have included a T tool as gift.

a picture of a board and a bunch of spare belts next to it

if you think there’s any problem with the board, you can send us video proof for diagnose and trouble shooting.

Please take a video and upload it to this site and tell us the video address for our check.

We are sorry for the inconvenience for you making video but it is necessary as our support team only make solution based on valid video proof. Hope you understand it.

You may not familiar with the belt drive board, belt tension is not same for left and right, there’s always one tight another bit loose, it is for speed difference to balance the high speed direction turn.

And torlerance is inevitable.

By the way, this board is for light use only , typical use like climbing big inclines and long time riding on grass field or bad road will cause much heat and vibration thus may fuse the esc connectors or fry the esc. So don’t extreamly typical use it.

end of email


No mention at all of the strip bolts?


Time for step g


Check thier site to see if this claim is listed anywhere. Or if anything contradicts this statement.


This “by the way” after a product has been purchased and received is bullshit if it’s not posted on the site.


oh it certainly contradicts their website. Their website states it was tested up to 260lbs

there is a picture also on the same exact link i posted above, where it shows what comes in the box… CLEARLY contradicting what he said in this fucking email ( 2 spare belts 2 foam pads…)


In the first sentence it says 30 degree uphill climbing ability lol


I would ask for anything to back up this claim.
You can tell him you’ve done research on multiple sites and can find no mention of this anywhere.


I wonder where they did their testing since the steepest street in the world is 19 degrees (35%) :rofl:


and dont forget to spray paint everything red that you want to go faster. Red increases speed 13%


Someone rode down this on a Lime scooter a couple of days ago