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Brand new 10s5p kit, zero rides, 3 + issues out of the box... owned for 45 minutes



So literally JUST received my 10s5p kit from DIY eboards… and right out of the box i noticed some shit… i payed for the 10s5p kit and 6 x extra belts ( or 3 pair ). Once i opened the box to inspect everything i noticed i was only given 2 spare belts. KEEP IN MIND, they advertise this product coming with 2 extrra belts in the box. So first issue: missing 6 x spare belts. Secondly, before even turning the board on, I went to tighten some nuts and bolts under the board as everyone had told EVERYONE to do… 4 of the nuts just spin freely… not able to loosen, or tighten. 2nd issue: stripped bolts. After these two DEMORALIZING issues were spotted… i was feeling pretty fking bummed out. But alas, i turned the board and remote on to pair them and see how she goes. Turned on no issues than i add some throttle just to try it out ( the board is on my lap). I get some nasty nasty fking noises coming from of the motorized wheels. Major resistance from what seems to be belt rubbing on the wheels pulley ( the one that plugs into the actual wheel), and nasty noises. i took a couple vids with my phone just to share and get an idea what i should do. I mean… im so bummed boiz… i waited for evvvvz for some stuff that one, dont work properly, and two, didnt even come in ( AND I PAID) anyways… pretty rattled. I sent off emails to the diyeboard lads a few min ago, but there is a pretty dirty time difference… so i guess ill just have to wait.

Any tips / advice?

Side note: i DID already check to see if the wheel’s nuts were too tight, and they are not. but definetly replacing bearings. these spin for almost 3 seconds and come to slow stop.

side note 2: i have been longboarding and skateboarding for almost 10 years. Just to clear up any misconceptions about wether or not i have a clue as to what im doing.

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Get a refund,
read and research more on this site,
buy quality parts.

I had terrible experiences with diyeboard too, there is a reason why they are banned from this site.
For me it turned into, Buy cheap buy twice.


Tread lightly when taking with them.
I’ve heard some people have gotten replacements. But others not so lucky.


fuck eh…

i had to spend some time learning how to create a link for one of my videos… so i found vimeo. hope everoyne can see these vids.

sorry for the loud speaking. i am super deaf, and i always think my phone has shit recording so i tried to get close enough for you to hear


yea i mean… i just dropped 850 cad on this and waited for ever to only have missing stuff and not functioning correctly.


also im just not a builder… so it was vry convenient for my to buy a kit


If you fail a claim to get your money back. They will contact you. If they offer to replace everything, do not drop the claim until you have new parts and confirm that they work.
Not a lot of vendors get themselves kicked off the fourm… they did


noted! thank you my dude. @ skunk


Return it…if they let you.

I’m sure if you ask nice enough, people on this forum could put you together a set that could more or less be a “complete”

It may cost you some more money than the diye kit, but it won’t suck or have the potential to burn down your house.

I’ve just seen so many horror stories with their kits…I’d stay away if you could! If they won’t let you return it, we can work together to try and fix your problems in the best way possible.


can’t watch videos. link leads to a “we couldn’t find that page”


Thanks Itsmedant. i appreciate the support my dude. I did close to 2 or 3 weeks of research before dropping some mulah. I was concerned at first but the positive vibes outweighed the negative from what i could find (clearly didnt dig enough) I think being so excited and consumed with your first eboard, it gets harder and harder to really find the negatives on something you want pretty badly. I had relativley good responses from jason @ diyeboards throughout the process of ordering. That made me feel good. but now im so rattled. I will without question be looking through these forums for more info. thanks a ton


I will say as a 200 lb guy
This happened to me with the trucks they use.

After only 2 months.
The motors and ESC still work for me atm. But i don’t ride that board much after build a board from the ground up.


I totally get it man. I was the same way. I paid for my board in Feb and got it in October. Luckily I haven’t had any problems with the board but I get not wanting to change your mind after you are pumped about it.

This site will save you so much money in mistakes, but cost you alot more in “Ooooooooo look at the shiny, I must have”

I’d say do some digging on what it takes to build one. Your money invested in a DIY board feels so much better and you get alot more bang for your buck!


yea you showed me that on my intrroduction post! im 245lbs and that got me worked up bud. let me tell you


I’m gonna chime in on this photo and say I had the same thing happen. I’m 75kg (165lb) and had my truck violently snap and throw me off, nearly sending the board into a river. Steer clear


i feel like that was a virtual hug. ill take it. :smile: :disappointed_relieved:


For me the trucks are pretty much the foundation of a skateboard.
So after that failed so catastrophically I have a hard time trusting anything they sell.

But at the same time I know there’s more than a few members on here that are running their kits with little problems…
But im pretty sure most of them are under 150 and only ride occasionally.


You won’t see that problem with a nice set of Surf Rodz trucks and some @psychotiller mounts.

Hell, then you’ll be buying a set of 6 shooters from him, and enclosure, a battery…F it…have him build the whole damn board and never look back. Laugh at all of your friends envy and spite and kick up some dirt in their faces. Be the talk of the town, the bee’s knees.

Or…similar thing…buy some high quality mechanical parts, scoop some up from the forum used, and slowly put together the board of your dreams. (That’s what I’ve been doing)


Im still pushing thier motors and esc pretty hard.
But only at 6s.
Gonna push to 10s soon tho so we’ll see what happens lol