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Brakes cut instantly?



so i am configuring one of the vescs for the motor and i have the controller set up to it. When i press the throttle it accelerates normal and then when i tap up (brake) on the trigger it stops instantly.

Is this normal. I only have the motor connected to the vesc and power. no wheels or pulleys. i can upload a video if needed


When theres no load on the board that has to be slowed down, it´s natural that the motor instantly stops even with just a small amount of breaking power applied.


ahh okay, so this is normal?


As i said, yes.


Agreed. If you’re actually riding it, It will most likely not stop so abruptly (difference of stopping a few pounds of spinning plastic/rubbery stuff vs 100+ pounds of human flesh). You’ll get the hang of how much throttle will slow you down and how much will throw you off.

Edit: removed my implied purchasing of human flesh


where do you buy your human flesh :smile:


That was a generalization of how much skin I’ve lost off my knees and elbows. I’ve never lost any off my head, otherwise there’d be another 0 on that number :grimacing: