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Boss level custom spot welder


Hello friend is it possible to order this spot welder from you atm. If yes pls tell me how to proceed if no just send me a box of kleenex😢


Mail him as banjaxxed said. Address below the word "disclaimer "
ebay link if you are low on patience go there.


Sorry mate didn’t mean to bother you I thought it was private msg but since I have seem to have bothered u can I ask u which one do I order or should I order ur expertise will be appreciated.


I have no words Bobby


It’s not his welder. Go to the top of the thread and read!


Hi, I am maker of S2 (this welder)
I write Intro article for How to use and how to buy.
please, See my blog.


Just ordered mine, this is such a great thread! I’m also Korean who lives in the the US so if @aulakiria needs any help with translating anything that Google translate might not do well on, I’m ready to help out this community!


Thank you very much for your help.
의사소통에 어려움이 있었는데, 감사합니다. ^^
마침 금요일이라… 퇴근하고나니 시간이 늦었습니다. ㅡㅜ
주말을 보내고 난뒤 보내드리면… 2018년이 되어야 보내드린다는… ㅠㅠ


Nice one @HumanMint, this welding/soldering device should be really popular!


(just so that everyone is in the same page, this is what he said here

I definitely had trouble with communication, Thank you very much.
I did not have enough time since it is late Friday after work (sad face)
I’m sorry but I will have to send it out after this weekend, which means it will be sent out at 2018… (crying face)


9 days ago i asked if this spot welder was available to to buy i was advise to go to intro under disclaimer for info. My initial thought was im on page 306 its gna be an effort scrolling back to page 1but after 20mins and 3 attempts i managed to scroll to intro yes thats how hopeless i am that there are no words for me. My point is as useless as i am Aulakiria is opposingly useful because today im looking at my boss level custom spot welder. It took 3 days after my Paypal transaction and i already have my welder here in Australia cheers Aulakiria you’re the man.


Seems you didn’t see the blue bar. You can Scroll up to the first post in one second. We haven’t thought about that. Also ctrl+f can let you look for disclaimer word so you can find it quick


Anyone in USA want help me out with one and I’ll pay but I leave to mex on the 16 ?


Hi @aulakiria,
I’m having an issue while usine your spot welder as a soldering iron.
Now, when I start it, the temperature set point is reset to 0. It’s kind of annoying to spin again and again to reach the desired set point.
I didn’t change anything between 2 startups.


Do you push the encoder? I never spin it. I just push it to 4 or 5 and solder the thing.


Preset 0 is saved as 0 even if temperature is changed.

Preset 1 ~ 5 can be selected by pressing encoder.
Try changing the temperature of preset 1.
After the iron is turned off and then back on, the preset temperature of preset 1 is memorized.


I’m very confused, I disn’t know about the preset feature !
I’ve probably push the encoder, switching to preset 0.
Wow impressive.
What I thought to be a bug is finally a feature.

Thank you again.


Is this your eBay listing?



Yes. It is


just ordered one of these and excited to blow stuff up. I’ll be trying to use .15mm copper I have and also some red brass and aluminum http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net/threads/15485-Can-Aluminum-be-spot-welded

its a long thread and I’ll be reading the designer’s guides but if any of you have tried these specifically please tell me how it went

https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=68005&hilit=spot+welding+18650 people here seem to be using much less material than recommended in this link. I’m hoping to get away with .15mm copper that’s maybe 18mm wide or maybe I’ll have to settle for .1mm thick, which is still very low conductance according to the link. or can simply fold over a 30mm thick tab. How many welds per cell is best? the weld is such little contact it seems the more the better