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Boss level custom spot welder


I invite you to make a video about it.


No need to be a dick about it, a quick search is all it takes.


That reply is rude. Maybe you did not understand my Point.
The video you posted is very nice but is not nickel plated steel tabs.
My Point is:
You get the aliexpress or whatever box. You go to your work place. You open with a cutter the box. You break a little piece of the blade of the very same cutter. You turn on the spot welder and start welding your new strip on the blade. As soon as you see a spark you know it is plated. Period.
Of course the corrosion tests are accurate but I am showing the quickest possible test.
It is ok if you hate me and you think I am a dick. But at least you should have a well deserved reason to call me that.
This method is not “my method” it has been widely discussed at the sphere and many battery builders are no longer using corrosion tests because this way is faster.


I was providing another method, simple as that, you just replied in a condescending tone, as you normally do anytime other options are suggested; So i replied accordingly.

I don’t even have a box cutter, so your method would never work for me. See? That’s an appropriate response.

If you want to be treated with respect, you have to also show respect.


I tested tungsten on nickel and it does the same thing, holes and get stuck, not recomende, with cooper i got way better results


“Pics and videos are welcome” I said it several times.
I did the quickest possible video. Corrosion is the most accurate method.
I just invited you to make (or show) the most accurate possible video.
I can’t understand why you have taken my proposal in an unappropriate way. Also you claim I do it often. Well… maybe it is a cultural thing. From my Point of view I spent my time for free to show my fellows how to do things.
Being Nothing but helpful is not a good reason to call me dick. But that’s just my opinion. Let’s just stick our opinions on technical stuff and leave aside personal feelings ok?


Yes. Copper is way better. I did many attempts, sharpened the tips, tried different angles…
Nothing worked. I wish it did. As a matter of fact it should. I read about proffesional spot welder machines using tungsten for electrodes.
It is just not good for the boss or maybe needs different setup.
Copper tips seem to be the best so far.


I like your video. I see clearly the sparks at the left and clean welds at the right.
I do not have this welder. I have a sunkko. I did the test with my strips but no sparks at all. I know for sure they are plated. I bought them as “plated”.
Why did my test fail?


What exactly did you test? Please elaborate.


I welded a 0.15 strip on another 0.15 strip.
They welded without sparks.


Ok. No steel. The reason for the blade is the steel. It is similar to the steel of the 18650 batteries. If you repeat the test ON STEEL…a blade, a battery etc…
You should see small sparks. Sparks on pure nickel are very rare. Mostly because of gaps, dirty tabs (or at least not clean) or shorts.
If you repeat the test on steel you will see the sparks.
Also as I recently explained this is the fastest method but not the most accurate. If you have doubts use corrosion methods.


well. my wife is not at home now and i have some time. I did the test myself so you and everyone can see it.
i used the very same nickel plated tab on nickel and on steel. You can see the difference by yourself.


THANK YOU! I see it as clear as water even if the light is not the best. I guess it is late night there.
You have been very helpful.



these are my tungsten adventures lol. it sux.


There are several tungsten electrodes composition, the ones I used was dopped with thorium


@rojitor with the 4s 2.7Ah x2 setup. How many welds on copper can you do before you have to recharge your pack?


Originally I was thinking about welding with a single piece of 0.1mm copper that would act as the bus and cell fuse for each end of a 3P group.

But to handle 60A continuous, I would need a wide bus strip and really narrow fuse that will probably just mechanically break. So now I’ll probably use a thicker .4mm thick copper bus and spot weld individual nickel strips to the bus and battery ends.


I did 3 full charges for this one


Ah nice. My pack is about 1/3 the size, but I’ll have double the welds per cell. I better get a big pack then.

@aulakiria I quickly scanned the thread again. Did you ever try welding nickel on copper? I assume that is not difficult and a 3S battery should be enough for the Aulakiria welder.