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Boss level custom spot welder


I think you will have more chances if you create a thread about it.


No I am the next door neighbour. I am spanish.
I used to be a beer lover/homebrewer that’s why I have that bretagne beer pad. I can’t drink alcohol now, long story…
A beerless life has no meaning :cry:


I send you all my love for this bravery. :worried:


I tested nickel 0.5 today. It was horrible lol. The mechanical properties are very tough. It is really difficult to cut and the strips are so bent that is even more difficult to flatten. Since I left some Gaps the holes I did are huge.
I managed to do some nice welds in a tiny strip but the obvious verdict is NOT WORTH IT.
It is even more difficult than 0.1 copper with 0 benefits.
Mission failed.

these welds are actually quite good but i don’t feel like hammering every square mm of it to flatten it properly. 0.5 discarded for good.


as seen on this video the welds are pretty decent but it is very difficult to bend even with nippers. The shape is not flat at all. Just terrible lol.


Thank you very much for perfoming all these tests !


For your next trick might I suggest the exotic but perfectly sane choice of Beryllium Copper, think conductivity of copper with mechanical spring strength of steel


I will engage NARSIL in my next test. My friend Aragorn is asking me everyday to fix it for him…you know? King’s stuff…
I guess 4s…tungsten electrodes and some kapton…like new.


Well I was gonig to say Mithril but shit you got some Narsil, may want 5s for that dude


I made a test today. Tungsten electrodes

it was kind of more powerful than copper electrodes.I did big holes with the same flux times on 4s so i tested 3s. It welds 0.1 copper on 3s.

i did a thorough test on 3s

close look


the whole thing

As seen at the pics it welds 0.1 copper on 3s but it gets stuck, so when i remove the electrodes due to the mechanical properties of the copper it breaks apart.
did 0.2 on 4s and pretty much the same results. actually i do not want to push the machine on 0.2 because it would blow the fets. So no further testing on that.
Even if it is more powerful i couldn’t get a single decent weld without breaking the strip. Maybe if i sharpen more the electrodes i can get a better result.
verdict: Tungsten electrodes proved to be more powerful yet more difficult to deal with (yes even more)
So far not worth it. Mission failed.


This is pure science !
Again, thank you very much !


so i recived mine today, he forgot the button :frowning:


the momentary button? It will cost you under a dollar at any electronics store anyway. I never use it. I use automatic or pedal. Just mail him. You will come to an agreement.


Nice test man! I’m going to stick with my 3s and nickel, if I feel the need next year to build a lipo board I’ll repurpose the 3s for the board and buy a 4s those welds look pretty ghetto compared to the 4s results


How much is this welder/solder magic machine. I know it is here in the 254 response thread but I have 3 kids so very little time.


First post dude :wink:


look at the blue bar at the right…scroll up to the first post 23 june. look at the end of the first post. look for “disclaimer” instructions there.
Or ctrl+f “disclaimer” the first of the thread is the right one.


Just sent my payment, Can’t wait to replace my lead acid battery bank setup.


Thanks!! you saved me at least an hour (trying to read at work).


I did a video about the nickel purity. The salt method is just perfect but needs hours or days. You can know if your nickel strips are pure or plated within seconds.



You can just a mix of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt. Most households have these. It takes just a few seconds to rust steel.