Boostedboard Wiring


Does anybody know what type of wires boosted uses under the grip tape? I’m considering in applying the same type of wires in my personal build.


they use this type


This is what I use really good wire get some shrink tube while you are at it too.


I don’t see a gauge rating for these


Bonding cable is measured in diameter not gauge


Yea I noticed that. I’m just talking about a comparison between the two


The one that Kaly linked is the equivalent of 12AWG


that metal weave would look really pretty under some epoxy… hmmmmm


Sure it does, you can even leave it clear to show the wire at the button. :+1:t2:


Hi there guys, do you know if a 10mm wide x 1.5 thick flexible copper braid would work with a 6S lipo 4.5A 25C? Thanks!