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Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks


I don’t like ruining my clothing…my woman would get pissed off…


I still don’t get why mall grabbing is such a bad thing these days with esk8s. back in the days trucks get pretty gnarly over time to hold, but with these things it’s not an issue.

Looking at that mini, I wondering if the extend range battery could be swapped in.


That’s what I was wondering! If that thing has an extended range battery it’s got me intrested


They do have a bigger version with the extended range battery built it, so could be posible with a firmware hack and new enclosure.


I actually have an XR battery boosted V2.


I’m seeing that they dropped best-in-class proven third party parts for in-house unproven copycat versions, I’m guessing to improve their profit margins. I guess it’s a natural progression.

Eh I still root for them. I hope they get whatever inevitable bugs there are with the new deck/trucks/wheels worked out quickly.

Loaded needs a new partner, or to get in the game themselves :slight_smile:


Some guy who’s given the new models a try has said the deck felt “more responsive”. To me, that translates to meaning slightly different (but similar) layup with a little more rebound/stiffness to it. Honestly sounds plenty fine to me. I think people need to get over this “cheapened parts” talk about Boosted. They’re shifting production to in-house production, which means they get more horizontal control over their product quality and construction. I don’t know where all this undeserved hate is coming from. That’s literally the goal of every company. To compartmentalize production and move things in-house for better control over your product. Also, contrary to popular belief, it’s not hard to get decently casted urethane wheels. Hummies, Ollin, Enertion, Boa, Exway, I, and countless other Downhill longboarding companies proved that. A quick phone call to Labeda and a decent wad of cash is all you need to get up and running.


Can you elaborate on that?

That include stuff like the meepo.


The thing that stands out is they went from Caliber trucks to in-house trucks in v2, and the trucks are cracking and breaking. This can be perceived as cost cutting, or just that trucks are hard to get right on the first few tries.

And I don’t think I’m off in thinking the deck shape looks awfully like a Vanguard? With programmed flex? I hope they worked something out with Loaded so both parties are happy.

That’s all I have on where the hate comes from. :slight_smile: Although in my case, “hate” is a little strong. Otherwise I really do wish them good luck, I was not being sarcastic about that.


Then you ain’t building right. I’ll take any board I’ve got and out distance, out perform and outlive a boosted board.


Someone deduced a while back that the issue was not the material of the trucks themselves that were the issue, but a design issue. Basically there was certain amount of stress being applied to the trucks (via the motor mount) which causes the breaking of several trucks. Even Caliber is made in Taiwan/China. And what’s the issue with Boosted keeping a similar shape to the vanguard? That cutout is Boosted’s identity/livelihood. Like hell they’re going to try and completely deviate from that shape. Loaded isn’t the only Triax Bamboo deck manufacturer in the world. IN fact there are several dozens of these manufacturers who can do just as capable of a job. Drang and DB Longboards come to mind. In fact, I just ordered a DB Longboards Coreflex deck just yesterday.


DB boards are pretty great, I gotta say I was not that imoressed with the Loaded Tan Tien.


With the new mini I see all the competitor in really difficult situation since with 750$ they cover the middle price range and most of the people will opt for a Boosted. No more it cost half of a Boosted. I know that they are not using any superior elettronics, but the customer service, premium finishing look and the name behind will matter a lot. I still see market for the several 400$ boards (Meepo, Wowgo, ownboard ecc…) due to the difference price.


I still think Carvon has a place with the Direct Drives and swap-able batteries.


Don’t get me wrong. I would always choose Carvon over than BB. I am talking about mass production boards for the average customers. To me I see still competition in who wants to spend over 1000$ then the game are still pretty much the same. Although probably people ready to pay for a V2 plus will opt for a mini. I mean of they live in a city short, same power, new, cheaper smash the choice with the bigger brother. I currently have a short board and it’s way better than a long deck for a commute board. Anyhow I also think this mini has or will have swappable battery. By the pictures it seem to have an easy open lid on top.


Here I am sitting here, and getting really pumped to compare the Mini-S/X to the Banshee. A hidden blessing in all of this is that Boosted is drawing attention to the electric shortboard genre in this market.


Similarities are on point. Iphones can’t reach 8hrs without charging, Boosted cant reach 8 miles as well


Yeah. Their designs are really good


Now thats a sexy beast


So once I swapped wheel pulleys on my dual plus and got the extended battery (year later) top speed is almost 27 and even on a dead battery it still had decent speed left.

Will I buy another? Probably not. I don’t think they are awful boards and they made huge strides for the eskate market. It’s 1/3 of the board cost spent on marketing? I think so.