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Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks


reliability over desgin


oh good to see

Hope they hold up better than evolves wheels did :smiley:


I think that the mini won’t be better/more practical than the riptide



ESC’s used in the riptide/meepo etc. are inferior to the in-house designed boosted esc.

@acidfie thousands of boards are in use, bad QC I guess. But so are the diy boards on this forum lol. I’d trust a boosted board more than any of the boards build in this forum :sweat_smile:


Id take 90% of the diy builds over anything built by boosted. Boosted are simply cheap crap in a premium package kinda like apple computers. If your all thumbs when it comes to electronics, and got the cash their a valid options I guess.


Oh boy here comes the competition! The Chinese Next-Gen ESCs are on-par with the Boosted ESC. You’ll have to take my word on that. The Boosted Minis are shaping up to be a very competitive product from what I can see. However, I still prefer the Banshee since it’s lighter and faster.


The Lou looks like a 1000x better due to its stealthiness. But that’s just my 2cts


Disagree lol… You pay premium for build quality. I don’t know about boosted but your example with apple computers are bad. I’m coming from windows which I had 2/3 of my lifetime. I’d never go back to windows again.

Workflow and usability is way more intuitive on a Mac. Don’t get me started on the build quality… Its not always about specs.


Not me…

She’s got about 900 miles on her now… And never left me stranded like a boosted… lol


That’s funny I used imac since 2012, but now I use window. mac is good for work and editing for the money. but pc can do for less money or more now.


I think like with everything, regardless whether it is computers or e-longboards, whenever something “different” comes along it will threaten the ones who are already fond of another “side”. I guess the interesting part about these kind of discussions is that as passionate users of one or another, we rarely see a neutral answer, most people have strong opinions. Now in regards to Boosted, okay they are not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, but I think it’s still always awesome to see products that push the industry forward even without re inventing the wheel. What Boosted just released may not appeal to everybody but props to them for taking the manufacturing in their own hands and specializing the different components to suit their vision. And progress by any brand is progress for everybody in the community. Some things will be better, some will be the same, but overall I personally think they took a step into the right direction and it doesn’t threaten any DIY project builder out there. We are all here to enjoy the ride whether we are meticulous master builders that like to tinker with every screw of the machine or we simply fall in love with a pre built commercially available machine. But that’s just my 2 cents, I hope I didn’t trigger anybody.


That actually looks pretty sweet. Price isn’t too bad either


Ya no. Apples is far from premium, and so is boosted. Maybe you’re all thumbs? Just saying.



He’s awful.


Bruh many of the V2s lit on fire! They had to recall boards. Last time I check none of my boards burst into flames…

Sorry to hate but youre wrong bud.


I mall grab my boards all the time. Big whoop. whatever is more comfortable for transport.


Maybe if he wasn’t like 5’2"…he seriously looks like a little kid here


I put a drawer handle in front of the front trucks and just grab the handle. Totally not mallgrab because it’s not a truck hanger in my hand :stuck_out_tongue: