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Boardnamics Idler Motor Mounts FOR SALE!



Introducing for the 3rd time now the Boardnamics Caliber II Motor Mounts!

Now updated and more reliable than ever, there has been a good amount of improvements.

-V2 Clamp with 2 piece bolt-on instead of set screws. A significant amount more reliable and won’t bite into your trucks
-Updated dimensions for better fitment and unity among products
-Stronger 12.9 Grade hardware for a strip-proof experience
-Brand New Non-Idler designs
-Better manufacturing processes, smoother finish and less lead time

You can buy here on www.boardnamics.com, my new website that is heavily under construction. Fully functional and ready for ordering

There is a lot more information on the website, but here is a basic overview:

-Compatible with Caliber II trucks
-Comes in 50mm, 63mm, and idler version
-CNC Machined and Waterjet 6061 T6 and 7075 T6 aluminum respectively
-70mm ±8mm center distance (Ideal for 265mm belts
-Fully angle adjustable and able to be flipped

Any questions and concerns feel free to message me on here or email me at boardnamics@gmail.com.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Another noob needing help on my first build
Reverse Mount ground clearance with TorqueBoard mounts and motors

Reserved for now


I had a similar clamp on design like your mount.
Problem here is the screw facing the street:

Keep it as narrow on the trucks as possible - best way is to have it facing parallel to the street!
You´ll be hitting rocks and other stuff and this will wear down in under 500km.
Worst case, you face the street because you catched something big - happened to me with this.


You can face the bolt the other way to gain some clearance. The mount itself is already narrow so by proportion it looks crazy stuck out.

Now that I realized it, the bolts are on the wrong way in my picture. I’ll fix later


Now available on eBay too!



To anyone interested in watching the process of making these:


Will these work with the racerstar style motors 5065 size? I know the mounting hole spacing is weird on them. I also apologize if this has already been answered a million times. My reading comprehension went to shit after my roaring twenties.


The idler one will work with that motor. The non idler 50mm edition will also work.


Will these fit on torque boards 218 trucks?


So which one do I choose on ebay?


The idler one if you want an idler, and the 50mm edition of the non idler one if you do not want an idler.


Unsure. They fit perfectly on standard calibers. You would have to do a little filing. The “pro” is that since it’s a 2 piece set, you only have to file a portion of the hanger, not the whole thing to slide a 1 piece clamp on in comparison.


Oh ok thanks


Bumpidy bump! Still many more available peeps!


going to order a pair.

what belt length would you recommend?

15/36 or 15/40 pulleys, I’d like to source belts that’d work for both


For the idler setup, the 2 belts I include, 320mm and 325mm will cover this ratios. If you are using big 107mm wheels though it might pose an issue as it blocks the idler.

320mm is good for 36t pulleys, 325mm is for 40t.

If you want to source your own 15mm ones then yeah hope that helps. Thanks


just ordered belts in a separate order, can you please send them in the same package? thanks!


The idler mount comes with 1x 320mm and 1x 325mm both 12mm wide for free.

If you want to order the extra belts I will include them, otherwise I will cancel the belt order.


oh damn awesome!

just send me the additional ones, like to keep backups on hand


So running 107mm and using idler pulley will not fit?