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(Blue) Orangatang Kegel and Caguama for sale



Hey, I have a set of new 77a caguamas and kegels that I brought on impulse, I’ve got a ton of wheels and I don’t need them.

Caguama - 66$
Kegel - 58$ (SOLD)


btw, u spelled kegel wrong and also caguama. lol


thanks lol wasent even paying attention to that.


i tried searching for this thread and nothing came up so i just searched up ur name. low and behold.


Bump! Bump! …


PM’d you


Bump. Bump. :smiley:


Bump, caguamas are available again… :sweat_smile:


Can you ship to france?


bump caguamas 64$ shipped.


Ehi man interested in the caguamas. Do you know how much shipping to EU would be?


Let me check now.


Recommend using usps overseas, it cost 25$ 6-10 day shipping in a padded flat rate envelope


Thanks, but then the price would be the same of sickboard. Yeh oversee shipping often kills the deal.